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  1. Hey I was just wondering what happens if you filled out your cover sheet wrong? For example on Biology paper 2 I put on my cover sheet that I answered Section B # 5 & 6, but I forgot to write that for section A I answered "All". Will IBO not grade my work because of it?
  2. I honestly didn't know the stem cell one. I can't remember if I put that they reproduce or if they transfer between species. I think I put that they transfer though because all cells divide, these just divide faster and I thought that they were looking for something that makes stem cells unique.
  3. Yeah, plant questions were too prevalent. I didn't like questions like 2-4 on paper 2, but 1 was alright and I absolutely loved 5 & 6 on it. (5 was on nerve impulses, and 6 was on DNA/ GMO's....although I got the K+ and Na+ ions backwards on number 5 I don't think I'll get too many marks off) I'm just glad that genetics weren't too prevalent because I'm no good at them lol. I think my favorite paper 1 question was number 17 on listing the taxonomic levels from largest to smallest, because I got to use the acronym "King Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti" (Kingdom Phylum Class Order Famil
  4. That is TZ1, I put C as well, although it was pointing to the descending limb I imagine that they meant the loop of henle in general, which does increase the solute concentration in the tissues of the medulla I'm pretty confident this is correct, considering A was the glomerulus and that doesn't really fit as an answer! Thanks!! I honestly hate diagrams because I am the most un-visual person ever ha ha, but I still think I have a decent shot at a good grade, most of the questions I didn't know I was able to narrow down to 2 options giving me a 50-50 chance!
  5. Thanks! I was predicted a 4, but I really want a 5 just to balance out my SL chem score and probably my math SL score too.
  6. Not quite sure if I'm TZ1 or TZ2 (What's the difference), but I feel I did alright on both. I feel like I did better on paper 1 than two though because I honestly never understood transcription/ translation even though that's what I spent the majority of time studying the past few weeks. If your last question for paper 1 was on the kidney, what answer did you put? The majority of my class and I put A, but two girls (who are top of our Bio class and act like they are right 99% of the time) said the answer was C. I think IBO graders owe our whole class at least 1 mark on paper 2 because our coo
  7. I did!!! Oh my gosh! I loved it! I felt it was so easy. I loved the symbol of "19" they used. Although, I did get a little confused on why she was knocking on the plant. (I said it was like she might have been pretending that it was like knocking on her mother's door for help) and I got a little confused on the part where she was talking about drugs. (I put something along the lines of, when you move out you do something and you think you'll be fine, but 5 seconds later you feel as though you need to call for help and make sure you're doing things properly) but those were the only two parts I
  8. The short stories and novels question of "the importance of journey" was AMAZING!! I don't know how I did though, but for some reason I felt I did better on paper 1...Oh well, we'll find out in July! Praying for a 6 or 7 so I can get out of English Composition 1 & 2 in college!
  9. HL English tomorrow and Tuesday and HL Bio on Friday! Yikes! May the Fourth be with you!
  10. When I first started studying for these exams (I'm a May 2014 candidate too) I used a mix of encouraging music I put together like "The Final Countdown", "Eye of the Tiger", etc. But now it's gotten to the point where I'm playing Christian music and praying to pass Well, sometimes. Most of the time though I use my encouraging playlist.
  11. My last is the 23rd! Spanish SL. Each of the IB classes thus far has had giant bonfire to celebrate the end and burned all their notes, IA's, tests, mocks, etc. so we will probably do that.
  12. Trig as in normal trig (the asin(b(x+c))+d) or trig with differentiation and/or integration? Normal trig, like asin(b(x+c))+d) and trig identity stuff. Strangely enough I can intergrate and differentiate with trig, but I can't seem to get the standard stuff!
  13. This is probably a really dumb question, but as I'm organizing my HL History of the Americas notes better for easier studying I've been using my syllabus to group my notes by Paper. So I have a divider for Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 topics. Because I have Math SL Paper 2 and History HL Paper 1 on the same day so I want to know what topics are necessary that I study for that day's History exam. However, I have like a ton of notes of the presidents. At least 2 pages per President from late 1800's to Clinton or George H.W. Bush. The notes are basically on their foreign and domestic policies,
  14. I don't mind sending some of my revision material, if you would like. Actually, if you have some for Maths SL that would be fantastic! Especially on the trig part and maybe product/ quotient rule
  15. I'm feeling somewhat similar, however, I live in the U.S so our exams just get us some college credit and a fancy schmancy diploma in July. So it's not majorly important for me to do well. However, I would be EXTREMELY upset and so would my parents if I put forth all this work for the past 4 years, switched to a school away from all my childhood friends, missed out on a ton of sleep, never went to parties, or participated in as many activities as I would have liked to not get the IB Diploma. So yes, I understand that you want to do well (especially for your uni goals). Going to a college you
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