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  1. Make sure that you know it isn't just linked to religion. Many many many people who aren't religious can and do meditate if they want to. Meditation just calms people down. That's all it does in the end, there's no link to a divine authority (though some people falsely claim that religious meditation proves god lol, sorry, off topic). Lol. Of course people who are not religious do meditation too. I'm not religious myself.
  2. Now you've known some. It's a religious thing. Christians also meditate though. Try to search for hesychasm and lectio divina.
  3. I've reduced it to 20 minutes per day already. Thanks guys!
  4. Undergo height surgery, undergo facial surgery, undergo gym training. Yeah, I wanna be a male model. LOL.
  5. My group and I are doing a water filter for our G4 Project. So, our filter is done already. Just, we have to figure out how to reduce the pH value of the water since the pH of the water produced is alkaline. Leaf litter seems to be a good material used in an aquarium though. So, can leaf litter reduce the pH value for our water filter?
  6. How about No Doz (caffeine pills)? It's good during examination weeks. But yeah, coffee works too.
  7. 1. Do meditation. At least 5-10 minutes per day. 2. Hang out with friends and have some fun! 3. Just neglect your small pieces of homework which are less important. 4. Try not to think about other things that are not related to you at all. 5. Sleep when you feel tired. Hope it helps!
  8. It doesn't happen to me. Just wondering somehow.
  9. Malay, English, very very little Arab and very very very very little Thai.
  10. Abbas is my family name. Al-Qadiri comes from the name Qadiriyya. I'm inclined to Qadiriyya Sufi order.
  11. Maybe it depends on the teacher who's marking the paper also. Some teachers may be strict in marking papers. But some aren't.
  12. Banned for saying "you know he's Korean!". Lol, girls in my country adore Korean guys so much. I don't even know why.
  13. Banned for having that Korean guy-girl/girl-guy photo. I should change my final exam prediction.
  14. World lit essay for A1, 9 lab reports for Biology, Chemistry homework, EE, IA for Economics... What else did I miss? Oh, reading A2 novel.
  15. Lol. Just realised that I crapped here and there. I was asking that, do your parents really care about you or do they care about your studies only?
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