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  1. I'm in IB 2 still have a life, its not as extensive as other people's in my year, I don't usually go out partying heavy but I go to the cinema and then to a bar with my friends stuff like that... And I have less extracurricular activities than before but I really don't want to give up some of them. It is quite stressfull but I couldn't cope normally without it.... You actually perform better if you do things aside school, procrastrinating and work
  2. Hey I have read Camus L'étranger in French in Class. I have a few questions to your essay topics simply because I dont really understand part of it, sorry =) I dont really understand what you mean by the use of irony, so to give you feedback on it, it would be good if you could expand on it. Are you talking about why Meursault finally got condemned? I don't really remember the conversation with the Chaplain, what I did think was quite interesting, was the development that Mersault undertook, in this conversation it is the first time that he really speaks his mind out, although of course he alw
  3. I was horrified by that which happened as a reaction to these videos and I condemn any violent action. Generally I think as many of you already said that this video is completely ridiculous and should not even be talken about (it is so bad and primitive it hurts...) One thing I can say to maybe explain the anger (not the violence) about the video, is that generally there is another relationship to press and religion in the Middle East. This is especially true in places such as Egypt or Lebanon, where there are Christians and Muslims, which live together and generally want to avoid all conflict
  4. Hey guys as there is not really a place to ask questions about stuff you don't understand in both languages, I thought it could be discussed here and I could help as a native speaker. I can help with Grammar and sentence structure, however as I am doing German A Lit and French A Lang and Lit, I don't really know how the B curriculum or ab initio curriculum works...
  5. Usually you can differentiate between passé composé: completed actions and imparfait (incompleted actions), although this is overly simplified. Passé simple is used instead of passé composé but in literature writing and this form is almost extinct. If writing a story you would for instance say: Il nagea instead of il a nagé. If you are doing French B I highly doubt you will come across this form. Hoped this helped!
  6. @ Higgs Hunter Actually I go to state school in Switzerland and we do both the IB and the Cantonal Maturität, kind of suicidal I know...
  7. I agree with Emy Glau-ski, I am not sure if that is the best History topic but I think if you tackle it from a historian point of view it is alright. Hoewer how far back does your topic reach, because it has to be at least 10 years to be a valid History EE. I am also doing my EE in History and I would certainly recommend to narrow it down to a certain period of time, certain regions, schools in particular. I hope this helps
  8. I'm not sure but for presentations or essays in IB Geography I usually use the text book Planet Geography, it doesn't really match the syllabus but it has lots of information. It's probably in your school library (I know its more work than internet but still)
  9. 30 downloads

    This file contains many useful websites and information for understanding how to use Excel for diagrams, statistical tests (the t-test). It is directly relevant to Biology Lab Work, but can be used for other IA such as for Geography Fieldwork.
  10. I don't know how to use Mathematica, however I have downloaded the free trial version of MathMechanixs for my Math Portfolio, which is a very good software for graphs etc...There is a tutor, which explains how to do calculations, draw graphs and fuctions. Another easy to use graphing software is GeoGebra, just type it into google you will find it.
  11. The grade boundaries are : 23-30 points-7 19-22 points-6 15-18 points-5 12-14 points-4 don't know the boundaries lower. I have finished my Geography IA and it has been graded internally, (I have accheived 22 points) as it will maybe sent in to the IB, I cannot give you a sample. However you are welcome to ask questions
  12. Thanks for the very informative text Just wanted to add for the Design: I don't know it its the same for all you guys but my biology teacher always requires us to explain, why a variable is constant or independent/dependent. For instance: the temperature was held constant at room temperature as changes in the solution would lead to unreliable data, as the enzyme reaction is affected by changes in temperature...
  13. If you still need a small creative project, you could suscribe to intensive art or photography classes. You could also write an article for your school magazine etc... I also helped decorating my school for christmas, where I also got creativity points. You could maybe combine the creativity project with a social project, such as helping the scouts or a kindergarten, where many creativity is involved.
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