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  1. Turner Fenton Secondary School (supposedly the biggest high school in peel and the only campus based high school in Ontario) located in Brampton. Again, like many other schools this is not just an ib school, it offers quite a lot of special programs (everything from the high standard academics to the novice - to put it bluntly - and everything in between). It offers IB, regular, basic, special basic, chef training, etc. This shcool has a whole mix of academic standards, but to put it bluntly the 90% of the IB population is Non-white - actually asian (south asian + oriental). To put it bluntly
  2. Well, if I am gunna order...I may just do it from home at least I don't have to go to the store. It is fairly far too. Thanks for your suggestion though.
  3. thestar.com -> excellent CDN newspaper for bussiness articles. Can try, Associated Press as well. BTW you can't use the same source twice. I.e. if you use BBC once for one commentary, you can't use BBC again for the 2nd one even though the articles are different.
  4. Well, the thing is not every idiot in the world has enough experience to efficiently use google to find past exam papers. Personally, the idiot in me finds it extremely hard to waste 4-5 hrs trying to look for useful IB exams. However, I do thank ibsurvival and congratulate it for being able to help fellow ibers without any hesitation. However, we should not be so mean to IBSQUARED, he is trying to help out the non-vip ers at ibsurvival who are slowly trying to gain access to vip. Although one can say that you can simply buy vip, I say to them that not every one of us has a credit card to be a
  5. [quote name='CocoPop' post='33769' date='Jan 16 2009, 01:45 AM']^ Yeah I agree that it should only be used as a text book. The course companion is more convenient for semi-fast revising because it gives brief explanations but doesn't elaborate as much as the green book. Then the most concise one is the "Economics for the IB diploma" study guide (purple cover with money) which is for cramming or quick reviewing if you want to refresh your memory on stuff you did a while back.[/quote] I know this seems obvious but can one really "learn" from the econ study guide or
  6. BTW what program(s) did you use to make that website. I am planning to make a website for CAS.
  7. Is it pretty similar to the chem one?
  8. Yes that's the book that our school uses as the textbook for SL Economics (there's no HL Econ Available at my school). Its good but it has the worst explanation on market failure. Had to use course companion, even our teacher agreed. However, I recommend this book be only used as a textbook and not anything else (unless you like reading for fun).
  9. You can try visiting my school's website. They have plenty of helpful stuff on what is required in the commentaries and a rubric. It seems to me the rubric is pretty simple. My teacher is individually marking the commentaries as we go along to input the marks for the semesterly report card. I got 18 on the first one, 19 on the second one. Hopefully, this time I will be getting a 20. P.S. The website is as follows: http://www.turnerfenton.com/Students/lesso...ib/internal.htm
  10. My teacher told us to count the arrows used in graphs/diagrams as well just to be on the safe side. But yea...everything counts including footnotes. Apparently, IB uses an optical scanner to check the word count (makes sense since they have hundreds upon hundreds to mark).
  11. You should try convincing her that you are allowed to choose articles at least 6 months old. I think the general consensus here seems to be that the articles have to be 6 months old. Also, my teacher told me I am not allowed to use the same source twice (i.e. Use The Star (a newspaper here in Toronto, Canada) for no more than one commentary). Have you guys heard about this rule too?
  12. Dang, tried looking up the in-store stock availability at chapters near me, and it isn't available anywhere. Guess I am gunna have to resort to ordering online. Thanks for your effort anyway.
  13. That is quite a bit far. Do you know of any locations in the suburbs.
  14. Well, I have the biology course companion and that has the question. My bio teacher (the one who recommended for me to get a course companion) said that course companion does not have any questions for practice. Can you please confirm with some that has the IB study guide. BTW IBSquared, how long does it take for chapters to order the book for me so I can get it in store. Please let me know. Thanks.
  15. Well you see I am new to these, forums so I didn't know where the exact buttons were, I will keep this in mind for the future.
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