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  1. [quote name='deissi' post='32999' date='Jan 9 2009, 10:57 PM']There is no Calculus SL (or any Calculus whatever class) in IB. [/quote] Maybe he meant about calculus in Math SL.
  2. Yeah...... we´re all like this on my school too, hoping to get that 24...
  3. Im also a may 2010 candidate but my school wants my EE by the end of IB1 so I do have a lot of work to do.
  4. Not so much, my school is kind of weird so I have to take all those courses at HL, except for Math. It´s hard but I guess your friend is a genius or something. By the way, I´m also taking chemistry in HL but going for the SL exam.
  5. I recently saw on youtube videos about this event, but they were claiming that what will happen in 2012 is that earth´s axis will change causing many variations on earth such as giant tsunamies and the increase of volcanic activity. This was from History Channel not just some random guy who made this up, if you watch the full videos it sounds very convincing. I could post the links but don´t know if that is allowed..
  6. Mexican My opinion might be of use since I don´t only live in the country below USA but in a city relatively near the border. ( 6 hours to San Antonio, Texas) Most people here, including me, dislike real ignorant american and mexican people. I´ve talked with some of them and just simply hate the way the think that USA is the only country that matters and that stuff... those are the kind of people that make some mexicans (ignorants too) hate them. I´m friend of americans, the respectable, non-cultural ignorants and we get along very good. The most important thing that makes mexicans hate some a
  7. In MY case IB isn´t worth it since I´m entering a mexican public uni which don´t care if you´re IB or not. I guess it depends on which uni you would like to enter and if in your country people actually know what IB is. Here in Mexico it barely started about 8 years ago, and almost nobody knows about it..making it worthless.
  8. Similar to others "Every now and then, go out and get some social life and have fun"
  9. Do the IAs vary from language to language? In my school there are two IAs for French Ab intio, one is an oral recording and the other is an oral presentation. My mother language is spanish so if you need help, I´ll gladly help you.
  10. I attend a public school and it has it´s advantages and disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is the greater amount of work we have to do (atleast on the mexican public system) since we take a lot more subjects. For instance in this semester I took Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Philosopy SL, Math SL, English B HL, Spanish A1 HL, ITGS SL, TOK and History HL plus some other subjects that only matter for the normal high school diploma. This really screwes you down, but oh well. The good thing is that the cost for the IB is reduced in more than a half, making it possible for people with not s
  11. For the challenge I will still get into the Mexican´s Public System Unis, oh and most mexican unis don´t care about you being IB or not
  12. So yesterday our teacher threw us this IA for the next week, the only thing is that he didn´t really explained how it is supposed to be.. so I have some questions: 1) The purpose of this is to compare certain marks or aspects of two literary works right? 2) I understood that the word range goes from 1200 (min) and 1500 (max), is this correct? 3) Are there certain criteria I can read to get familirized to this kind of IAs? Thanks, any comments and advice are highly appreciated.
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