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  1. Hey guys! If anyone's doing Further maths this week, ssy and I have a skype study session going on. If you want to join, please PM us your skype usernames and we'll add you. Good luck!
  2. I'm using both the Cambridge and the Pearson books for the regular options, a textbook I borrowed from my teacher for linear algebra, and online resources (and teacher's other textbook for some topics) for geometry. ↑Last summer I checked the H&H website and they said it's going to be available in "late 2013", after the summer break it became "early 2014", before Christmas it changed into "March 2014", and now it says "available June"... How about you? Check your PM
  3. I did! I took the SL course, but I'm taking it at the HL this year. What textbooks are you using?
  4. Is anyone taking Further Maths HL this May session?
  5. I did well in groups, discrete and S&D equations, but geometry was just pure evil. I also thought that the stats was rather confusing. I was disappointed because there was no hypothesis testing!
  6. I felt the Paper as a whole was OK, although the stats were weird.
  7. Did anyone here do Paper 1 today?
  8. Thanks, that was really helpful. I didn't know you could just leave it like that.
  9. I can't work out how to start answering this particular question. Any help would be appreciated.
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