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  1. My task is original, cause it is formulate in norwegian much much better . However thank you for all the help I got from you ppl ;D Cheers Alfabeta particles
  2. What I was aiming for is to compare who the authors have used magical realism promote the women in the novels , and hence making them both feministic novels? Am i making myself clear?
  3. Hello I am going to wirte my first world lit next week, and I was woundering if you could help me being creativ. I was thinking of this as my topic , "How is magical realism used to promote women in the novels House of the spirits and Like water for chocolate?" I need some examples , and whatever you might think can help a poor A1 student Cheers Alfabeta particles
  4. The first year of IB my clase was 20 people (still in the first year) The second year we are probably not more than 14 -15 people.... However I like it that way If I was to decide how many we were supposed to be I would say 7 is a good number to go with:D It may also bring some luck to the clase when graduating.
  5. Physics HL ;D though I work more with my norwegian... much more time consuming subject.
  6. remove group 1 and 2 and of course when first started , remove TOK, make the IA in math count more than 24% of the final grad.
  7. It surprises me that none of you have said spirt / vodka... It really helps me relax... and sit som extra hours with my homework..
  8. I feel this topic needs a fun fact , so here we go. If you want to study something concerning math in France after finishing the norwegian system. You have to take a one year pre - course of math before you are allowed to start studying the real **** that is how much the norwegian system sucks.
  9. Well the topic speaks for itself. But I also wanted to ask you comrads , if anyonw of you have done the industrial chemistry option. What do you think of it?
  10. Hello Are anyone of you people going to the revision course in oxford this summer? Those of you who actually have done this already what are your thought about it? cheers ;D
  11. I am in the IB because it is the lesser choosen road, and you learn 50% more in IB compared to the national program , and since we all are emos to some extent this is my torture. A more reasonable reason for doing IB is that I learn to become more academic. One day I shall harvest the apples of knowledge, and pwon my fellow students which took the national program.
  12. I am HL , though we are going to do the astrophysics on , and the clase has not decided on the last one... I hope for relativity or particles physics....
  13. BS The **** you are writing about on your exams is material you've been trying to learn for 2 school years... unless you did IB in 2 months?
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