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  1. Most universities in the US and Canada require Maths SL or HL for medicine. Why not try SL? It's not that bad.
  2. Inebriation, the insane root and schitzophrenia have been long recognised as significant factors of extraordinary creativity. That makes me think.
  3. Heart of Darkness by Conrad. Worst book I was ever required to read.
  4. A lot of Twilight haters dislike Twilight because of the fans, which is a tad unfair in my opinion. But sans the rabid fanbase, it's still a pretty lousy book. HP one hundred per cent.
  5. This is more of a history question than a literature question, don't you think? The novel doesn't really explore this topic in detail. Nonetheless, it was a great read. I couldn't do it for my EE, but I had a great deal of fun writing about it in my IA [:
  6. I've always been a sucker for Thomas E. Spencer. E. A. Poe, despite being more of a prose writer, is also pretty rad. Recently I came across a past paper with a poem that really moved me. I Go Back to May 1937 by Sharon Olds. Awesome piece. English nerds, unite! c:
  7. I sold my soul to procrastination a long time ago, and that on top of a relationship (2 years) have been the cause of a looooot of all-nighters. On the other hand, both my grades and my boyfriend's have improved significantly because of mutual help. We're both in IB, so that was a big upside. It really is a test of prioritising and time management skills. And unfortunately, deciding whether to start/continue a relationship isn't entirely voluntary. Make what you can out of life, it isn't about grades vs. romance or even grades vs. social life. Take it from an Asian
  8. Haha, true. & Lots of people I know who've been in the system for 5, 6 years still can't spell it. No big deal.
  9. Procrastination really sucks. When people are lazy I think they can find anything to occupy themselves with. I go on insane cleaning sprees when I don't want to do work. Sometimes I hide things before they get a chance to tempt me. That works. Try prioritising things; remind yourself of the consequences! I remember changing my EE topic a week before it was due - that was the single most painful week of my 18 years. x___x
  10. Yup, Princeton Review is pretty helpful. Check out the College Board website as well. I subscribed to those daily SAT questions; those are useful too.
  11. I know two Canadian IB seniors who applied for science (Fall 2012 term at Vancouver) and got in with 36-38/42 points. I have around 36; got accepted to arts and am still waiting for a reply from commerce. In the past two years I've heard of kids with as low as 26 points who got accepted to UBC arts. Whether UBC loves IB students or they happened to have really strong EC's and essays - I don't know, but I think 33 is pretty safe.
  12. I'm from Ontario too c: I applied to commerce and arts in late January and got my reply 4 weeks later; about 2 weeks after they received all my documents. All the seniors I know who applied to UBC got their offers around a month after they submitted the app. Also keep checking your SSC status; I didn't even get an email when they changed it. It just poofed there one day. Best of luck!
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