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  1. It's math Optimization sounds good, thanks!
  2. Hi I wanted to make my IA about how economical different 1L carton juices are but to be honest I can hardly find any complex mathematics I could apply in that project. What do you think? Is it a bad idea? Maybe you have any suggestions about how to develop this topic? I would really appreciate your help since we were given practically no instructions or feedback about our topics and I am kind of stuck :/
  3. I also think you should definitely aim for more than methods if you want to be an architect. As the others said you can drop one HL and use that "extra" time for studying maths.
  4. I am actually quite happy with my choice as it is much more interesting than my national curriculum. I'm actually at the very beginning of my IB journey but I hope I will still like it as it progresses
  5. TOK is basically the most useless thing ever. 2 additional hours a week for no reason whatsover. NO idea why IB would put it in the middle of the hexagon,
  6. Aberdeen, Newcastle, Nottingham or BSMS all medical schools
  7. Nice I hope you won't stop writing after a few posts It could be very useful to me, because you know we are interested in the same field.
  8. You have the same subjects as I want except for this maths. Everyone tells me to try, but I'm not even sure if I can get a good grade at studies
  9. I'm taking Biology and Chemistry at HL. That's a one of the standard combinations of subjects in schools with Polish diploma, especially for those who are planning medicine, although in most universities in Poland we need to have Physics as well
  10. Hi, I'm choosing my subjects this year. Actually, I've already chosen before even coming to pre-IB, but now, as it all became serious I started having doubts... What do you think of applying to med school with maths studies taken? Does any of you do that? I'm afraid I won't get a good grade with maths on SL, it just seems so complicated and I have never really been good at maths.
  11. Hunger Games by Suzanne Colins and "Tommorow" series by John Marsden. I used to like Artemis Fowl series back in the past, but right now I feel like they're too childish for me. I had a great time reading those books few years ago, though. I read one of them during only one night
  12. I want to study medicine in either UK or Poland (better UK though ) and after that become a successful doctor, get married, have kids and be happy
  13. Aleksandra A name for a girl who is well-liked by everyone. She always has a big smile ready for everyone, and loves to be around others. Can be very stubborn and moody at times, but she considers you as a friend, she will be extremely loyal. In society usually a very popular person. Smart, pretty, kind and active. In Eastern-European societies spelled like this, in Western Societies usually as Alexandra. There goes Aleksandra, looking gorgeous as usual. or Ola Name for a girl (European) Girls with this name are said to be shy. But if you befriend an Ola, you will discover her loud, funny,
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