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  1. You seem to have a variety of ideas which is good since you can narrow down from there and it is also wise of you to be considering as to whether you can get enough data for a given topic as nothing is worse than frustration over not having enough data to research on a topic. One suggestion I can give is to try and look how you could tie your topics to specific areas of the IB economics course (eg: topic 4 could be microeconomics: elasticity of demand, taxes etc.). One thing that this will help you with is understanding which topic areas of economics you are dealing with, what kind of knowledg
  2. I cannot talk for business management as I didn't take it but I did take econ SL. Regarding the assessments for economics you need to find articles (articles that have some economic content eg: government rises cigarette taxes etc.) and write about 750 words commentary. There are three of these that need to be submitted. If I am not mistaken Business and management has a project which is kind of research based where you have to write about some real business organization and do some analysis. Personally I think that writing commentaries can be easier than doing a research based project but aga
  3. It has been a while since I did my economics exam but I hope I can give you some good advise. Generally for paper one the questions are essay type and consist of two parts a and b. Part a of the question usually asks you to demonstrate your knowledge of some concept and its applications. You need to identify what concepts the question addresses and then take it on from there. I will try to illustrate what I mean with an example question from the SL paper 1 2013 specimen paper: "Suggest reasons why the price elasticity of demand for cigarettes might have a different value from the price elast
  4. You could start a tutoring session for young kids, that is if you enjoy teaching and are comfortable teaching the subject. You could start any kind of club in your school, it could be an art club, drama club, environmental related club. You could also learn to do something you haven't done before, like learn a new sport, learn how to play an instrument.
  5. The format of the essay should be mentioned on the sheet of paper containing the essay prompt. But, here they are. The essay font needs to be in size 12, times new roman with double line spacing between the text. You can have a cover page where you can include the essay title and your details. Put the essay number and title in bigger font, center aligned. Eg: Essay no 4. Topic: ".......................?" Then you can include your personal details below that. You can start with your name, candidate number, school name, word count and other details. It is also a good idea to have page numbe
  6. THANKS SO MUCH! Can I measure amount of energy released if I do friction by fire? Like, I make a bow drill? Also, how do I measure amount of energy released using calorimetry? For calorimetry, you need to take a known mass of wood (it is a good idea to shred the wood into small pieces as it burns better that way) and burn it under a beaker of water. You will need to measure the water temperature before and after. Knowing the mass, specific heat capacity and temperature change of the water you can calculate the energy released (Q=mc(delta T)). It is not a very efficient way, as most of the ene
  7. I used the Pearson book for physics and it was awesome. Everything from the graphics to the explanations makes the topics easy to comprehend and visualize. So I guess the chemistry one would be good as well. I don't recommend the course companion as it isn't that comprehensive as it is an IB endorsed book and IB wants you to be an inquirer rather than attempting to get everything by just reading one book. The study guide would be good for a quick revision. It is more like short notes rather than comprehensive. In my opinion it wouldn't help you with a solid understanding of the chemistry conce
  8. Just like the others said, yoga can't be a creative activity. You can do lots of other things. I worked in a school drama team doing back stage design, making posters and others required material for the dramas. There are lots of ways you can satisfy the creativity requirement rather than forcing yoga to be considered creativity.
  9. Optical illusions can be one example: Look at the image below: Through your sense of sight you will think that the pattern is curved. But if you use your reasoning, that is you take a ruler and reason out as follows: 1. The ruler is straight. 2. When I place the ruler near a line it perfectly alligns with the ruler. 3. Thus the lines are straight. Thus, your sense perception (of sight) gives you knowledge that the lines are curved while using your logic you gain the knowledge that the lines are straight.
  10. No GPA. got 43 IB points. Do not listen to music while studying. Can't concentrate.
  11. I know of a university in Germany called Rhein-waal university of applied sciences http://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/ It has some engineering programs completely in English. It doesn't say anything about the kind of diplomas they accept but I guess they accept IB diploma. You will need to do IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams though and the required score is mentioned on the website. As with most universities in Germany, there is only a semester contribution fee of about 250 euro. However, you will have to pay for your living and other miscellaneous expenses. I do
  12. First of all I will correct you on one point. Lang&Lit A is not 70% exams, it is 70% external assessment, out of which only 50% comes from final exams. The other 20% is a written task which is done along the course (you actually do three) and the best gets submitted. In my class, many of the students who hadn't done literature before, preferred to do Lang&lit since it has a language component and thus the literature load is lesser than for those doing Literature. So perhaps you could consider doing Lang&lit as it has language components to it which could be slightly easier for you
  13. Maks123456, I think your teacher is super-fast. Did you and your classmates even understand all the topics well enough?? rinik, When I was in IB2, at this time, we were doing Calculus and struggling to do our first portfolio (we had two to do). We hadn't covered statistics nor the option. And after doing some extra classes, we just managed to finish everything by April. So I guess you aren't that slow. But if you feel confident enough and have the time to, start with the option. But please make sure whether you can choose your own option or if the whole class will be registered for one option
  14. As said on the website you have to do two language As. So, if you are doing German A and English A (doesn't matter what type: Lang&lit, lit or lit&performance) you should be fine and get your bilingual diploma (of course if you pass both courses).
  15. Well, with the Literature course there is a lot more reading to be done than with the Lang&lit. However, with Lang&Lit you should keep in mind that there is a lot more IAs (internal assessments) to do since you do about a total of 7 IAs for HL out of which only 4 get actually submitted. So in terms of work load, it could create more pressure on you as you will have more IAs to do, considering the fact that you will also be doing German Lang&Lit, this would probably not be a good idea unless you won't mind doing so many IAs. As mentioned above, if you are a keen reader then probably
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