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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's confused, I too am doing HL. My theatre department is so badly organized, but if you're going into your second year of IB like I am then right now you should be thinking about your Research Investigation, which is a 1,500 word essay about one particular play within a certain style of theatre, focusing on one aspect within that play and what effect it creates. For example, I'm doing absurdist theatre, and the play waiting for Goddot, but I haven't yet decided on an aspect. Last year, one of my friends did Kabuki theatre, and how the masks contribute to the
  2. Dude, if you can't find any documents, change your topic, or at least your question. If not, look harder. Ask around. Go to a library, It's that simple. Also, even if your teacher is a witch (which i totally get btw so is mine) you should tell her you've been having trouble. If you take time out of your day to go and see her outside of lessons she'll be more willing to help you. But there's no way you can do your IA without the correct sources, seriously. You should have made sure before you even started your part A that your had all the necessary resources. Sure she'll be pissed, but pissing
  3. Anyone else doing their EE in theatre? I'm one of the only 2 people at our school doing it at the moment and i'm completely lost for titles. What titles did any of you pick? I'm thinking of comparing and contrasting styles/ practitioners but I'm not sure! Any ideas? Jayesaphine x
  4. Does anyone know of any good IB cramming/summer schools in England or France? Or has anyone been to one and has some feedback, I think it would be really useful for me and a worthwhile investment. Let me know! xxx
  5. Honestly, I'm fluent in french, and I really don't think SL is that hard at all. I'm doing it, but it's too easy for me and so I'm just about to change to HL. Basically it's a lot of comprehension. Don't do it if you're not good at written french. You will get lots of papers with pieces of text and then answer booklets asking questions like 'according to paragraph 3, why was jean-claude apprehensive about starting the bac?' etc. You will also have to write the odd essay on things like 'My opinion of animal testing' and 'pro's and con's of abortion.' Every now and again you will also have a voc
  6. It's for History, and no, I wanted to focus more on the social aspects, for example the effect it had on the aborigine community etc.
  7. I've worked since I was 13. First I was a waitress for a year, then I worked in a bookshop, then I cleaned people's houses. Now I work for my mum once a week with her drama class and I earn money here and there when i can. Plus I get pocket money (£25/month) and if needs be I steal money from my sister. which i always pay back. sometimes. (never) But in spite of all this, right now at nearly 17 i have no money at all and all money i get goes immediately on food. Such is my life.
  8. 'Love actually' all the way. However I am English, so that's an obvious choice
  9. If you already have a basic knowledge of french, I would say opt for french and build on it. I'm bilingual in English and French and being able to speak more than one language really is a gift. Also, do not learn a language through rosetta stone. If you want to learn a language quickly, thoroughly and completely, move to that country for a year. It's the only way.
  10. Don't worry, I'm in the exact same position. My teacher is absolutely crap. Luckily my mum's a drama teacher and downloaded the syllabus for me! The difficult thing about IB theatre is that it's mainly coursework based, you shouldn't have any exams until your finals. You should be writing something like one essay on every practitioner you focus in on. If you're not doing that, you might want to think about doing it for extra credit as it could well bring your grade up! If you're in premiere (your first year of IB) then your RI isn't due in until next year, but if you're really organized you ca
  11. Hi guys, II really want to do my extended essay on the missing children/ superior race project in australia during the early 1900's to 1950's concerning the aborigines. I'm really unsure of how to make this topic into a question, and if i even should? I'm fascinated by it, but is it too vague of a topic? How do I focus in on one particular aspect? Opinions wanted! Jayesaphine xxx
  12. Pulling all nighters is just a standard requirement for the IB. Stay away from red bull, that's all I'm gonna say. It will ruin you.
  13. Hi guys, i literally only just set up an account and I'm not quite sure how to post thing and where, but I'm really struggling. I've been on website after website and I'm still really unsure about what exactly should go into my part b of my historical investigation. I get that it's a summary of evidence and you have to 'prove the facts,' but in what format and how exactly? I've got one book on my topic, but do i just find documents or what? Help would be much appreciated! xxxxx
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