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  1. Yay me. Not because you have no mood.
  2. Lol at the virus. Granted, but because you're not tired, you're told to do all the household chores. I wish people would mind their own business when they have to.
  3. Terry Brooks and Gena Showalter. Plus P.C. and Kristen Cast. Do you love reading?
  4. I'm guessing 'look' is actually 'looks' so I'm gonna go for that. Gloomy or depressed?
  5. Lol. Hot because of what he stated above.
  6. I wish I could say IB is bad. But it's not. It's a wonderful experience, in my own opinion. And I believe some people, not all, may agree that regardless of all the work we get, it's worth it all in the end. At this moment, I feel wonderful because I'm almost done with it. When I look back, I feel proud that I was able to take on anything and now I'm ready for what's ahead. I feel happy and I'm grateful to be doing it. Even though I don't like it very much. But it's the thought that counts..
  7. To add on to what timtamboy63 said, remove anything that's irrelevent and make sure you're not paraphrasing your commentary.
  8. Religion cannot be the only reason why people shouldn't abort. Looking at it in ethical terms also applies. Like what are the moral aspects that people are trying to break while doing this. There are many different reasons why people should or shouldn't. In my opinion, abortion is not a very good choice. This being because it's dangerous in the long run. Also, an abortion is almost like killing a life. Note that I have typed 'almost' in italics because some people say that there are no nerves for the being growing inside the mother's body to feel anything therefore it does not matter. On the o
  9. Granted, but you find it boring and you wish you came back. I wish I wasn't so sleepy right now.
  10. 27th March, 2012. Do you think being indifferent is bad?
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