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  1. Winter. C: City or country?
  2. Victoria College is the all-girls college for UTSG, isn't it? P: I've heard about it, and that's probably where I'm going to 'apply' (can you apply for the colleges within the university?). Are the colleges like fraternities within the university? Now I've got to decide between UTSC and UTSG. Where are you going (since I'm assuming you'll be at UofT next year) and what are you pursuing? Really? UofT was considered an 'easy' school for my friends. It's weird, no one wants to go there because everyone gets in. o.o Well, I'm going to apply to UofT and McGill, but at the end of the day, I think th
  3. Thanks so much for the help! C: To be honest, a couple of the things you mentioned were things I never thought about looking at before. And you're right; quite frankly, what's the difference between a 10th-ranked university and a 27th-ranked one? At the top of the charts, the difference is so minimal it's almost not even there. C: It is possible financially for me to live in residence, so I've got the flexibility. I think I would prefer residence, but it would depend on where I'm going. McGill is definitely a residence school, but UofT I have the option. P: I am planning on applying for schola
  4. LIES. I have one. C: NP knows when international caps lock day is. P:
  5. Hi everyone! I'm looking into pursuing Neuroscience in the future, so, seeing as I'm applying for university this fall, I'm trying to figure out what universities would serve the best purpose for me. I'm planning on applying for an Ivy League after my undergrad, so I'm trying to focus on schools that would have the best sway for international applications. (I'm in Canada, so I would count as an international applicant to Ivy Leagues) So far, I'm looking into the University of Toronto, because they have a dedicated Neuroscience undergrad, as well as being ranked 10th in the world. McGill is als
  6. Nope. P: It's 2:00 in the afternoon, plus I'm fasting. Cx NP has a little sibling (under 5 years old).
  7. Banned because I like you, too! C:
  8. Yep. But then again, when I'm fasting, I want everything. P: NP likes frozen yogourt more than ice cream. (I sure do!)
  9. Banned because now I'm completely and utterly lost.
  10. Banned because you have a strange problem with Winnie the Pooh. P:
  11. Love it! Especially the way my mom makes it. Love you, mom! Uhh... What's your guilty pleasure?
  12. Well, this is two months late, but I've been waiting for this topic my whole life. *rubs hands together* Let's get started. Waaaw. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the media yet. You cannot comprehend how easily the media trains us to make assumptions about others. As a visible Muslim growing up in a "white" country, I cannot express how powerful the media is, when it can tell you what to think, and choose what you hear. Most of the rascist comments I get (and yes, I have been called a terrorist, uninstigated, in the middle of the city) are present in the offender's mind because the are educ
  13. Thank you! C: That's what I'm hoping, too. xP Oopsie! Cx Read that incorrectly. Oh! There's no minimum wage for them? I didn't know that. I thought minimum wage was applicable to all jobs. How would you evaluate it for the future? That's the key to Econ essays - you have to evaluate. P: It's weird that I have so many ideas for your EE. But I can't tell you! :C [/ib.problems]
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