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  1. O: Me too! I love Owl City. I was just listening to that song!
  2. Hmm am I too late replying to this? As a UBC student, I think I have to say... It would be very bizarre if you did not get in. Like you, I had great grades in all my IB classes, club activities, etc. and I got accepted with a scholarship. When I got here, though, I began to think it was kind of overkill. Other IB kids from my graduating class did way worse than I did but still had around 33 to 35 points overall and got in also. (It was frustrating.) UBC does want that transcript, and they don't care about SAT scores as long as you've done the IB... If your grades improved over the years and yo
  3. If it's Vancouver, UBC is hands down the best university - it's also consistently in the top five in Canada, and top thirty-five in the world (though things are always changing, so I don't know if its ranking has changed this year, sorry!). However, UBC is a research university. There is pretty much nothing for you at UBC if what you want to go into is the hospitality industry. For that, you would probably (if not almost definitely) need to go to a specialised academy to get a degree in hotel management. There is the Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management that you can go to, though, and
  4. You don't have to bring in all 4 texts, and it's probably better that you didn't as what you're aiming for is in-depth analysis. With 3 or 4 texts, you generally end up with a superficial analysis of each. I didn't like that question because we hadn't studied the function of minor characters in our plays, and 2 of our works had no minor characters (one work was amde up if 2 monologues and the other had only 3 people in it, all major characters). Oh, yes, I know we don't have to bring in all four texts. Don't worry, I read the question! ("...in reference to at least two of the texts you have
  5. I'm TZ1~ P1: Loved it. Awesome. Only three questions popped up that I wasn't too sure about (three out of thirty isn't bad, right?), and I felt 100% confident about the rest of my answers. Yay! P2: *Repeats* Loved it. Awesome. I completely agree with whoever said that that was the best section B ever. P3: Option A was eeeasy. At first I didn't get the question about appetite control, but I remembered about twenty minutes before the exam ended so it was all good. As for Option E... I didn't really like the information-based part with the bees and flowers. It didn't seem as straightforward as
  6. I must be the complete opposite of you. I did read the poem, as for all my unseen commentaries (in mocks, or just in-class practices) in the past I have always chosen the poems, but I thought the one we got was terrible. The one about the fish right? I saw absolutely nothing in it... So obviously I did the prose. And I don't know which section's which (doh!)... Anyway the prose had lots to talk about, I thought. Only after the exam, when I was talking with a friend who chose the poem, did I see what could have been talked about. Apparently the poem was pretty rich, huh? But, if anything, it ma
  7. I loved that question from the Drama section about minor characters playing a significant role in plays. It actually applied to all four of the texts we did, but since I went so in depth about the two texts I did choose as my prime examples, I didn't have time to bring in the other two. The other question was also awesome. I'm so happy that my teacher chose the texts for us that she did... I could have used any of the texts and they would have worked perfectly with the drama questions and I think three of the four general questions. I have to agree though, those general questions were pretty a
  8. Oh neat. I feel cool somehow, since I'm the only one who did Section B for Paper 1~! I thought it was absolutely awesome when I read through it. Our class did so many Paper 1 practices so I felt as though I knew exactly what I had to write down. And it was mostly on the Great Leap Forward - an area of Chinese history that I am particularly well-acquainted with since I was the one who presented on it for an oral in class before... I only wish Paper 1 was worth more! Paper 2 was terrible. I was in Asian History, and somehow I felt like a lot of those questions were really geared towards Euro His
  9. IAs from our school got sent to England... And our teachers have made it very clear that British people never give "perfects", and that anything above a 17 is extreeemely rare. Oh joy. I can't wait for the results. (No offense to British people! It's just what our teachers have told us. I've no idea whether or not the claim holds merit. I guess I'll found out when we hear of our results...)
  10. Maybe. You never know. The case studies we study in class are almost always taken from real life, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sophie was real... Les Maisonnettes certainly is real. Plug it into Google and you come up with some hotel sites and stuff for it. Maybe Les Maisonnettes really exists but they just changed the name of the real manager to preserve privacy...
  11. I did mine on irony in "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen and The Kite Runner by... Khaled Husseini? Is that his name? Anyway, focused on the types of irony, how the authors created/presented it... etc etc. Got a 7. :]
  12. Our teacher has often told us that there are basically two structures you can use for written commentaries: You can either organise it so that you clump stylistic features together and talk about them in paragraphs (e.g. you have one paragraph for syntax, where you comment on the sentence structure throughout the entire poem) or you write systematically, analysing the extract line by line. I believe that most people write using the former structure for commentaries, but our teacher has asked us to write a commentary with line-by-line analysis, saying that we'll most likely use that structure i
  13. Wow, interesting to see the different points of focus on the case study... My teacher told us to consider leadership styles for Sophie, and to look at what she's doing with her HR management. Sophie could really either... head for the niche market, which is pretty high risk but would potentially yield more profit, or be like Sanctuary, which I think is boring because that's relatively lower risk and... who wants to be like everyone else? Anyway, what do you guys think about her staffing issues? Especially at the shop...
  14. Senior group photo: What the heck?! They took a freakin' hour to get us into position! What ever happened to organisation?! Because of them I was late to practicing a super important business presentation that I have with my group tomorrow and two of the group members left! ... And speaking of which, why are none of them prepared for it?! I hate group projects! > And why did I have to be apart of that stupid photo that was a complete waste of time?! [/RANT]
  15. You made me giggle, and you made my day. And I hate Mondays. So thank you. Now, on to answering the question. Personally, I find IMing too distracting to do it at the same time as working. It just seriously reduces my focus on whatever I'm doing, even though there are people I'd like to be talking to online... I guess it depends on whether or not you're good at multitasking. I fail at it, so IMing just comes off as a distraction to me when I'm doing school work. But in other terms -- I mean, when not bringing school into the "IMing picture", if that makes sense -- then I think it has more pro
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