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  1. B and E Both were horrible for me.
  2. I got a B.... I was actually expecting like a D cause for my psych EE, I just used the abstracts of studies... apparently it worked.. My friend got a D, but she worked her ass off for it... I still feel guilty
  3. I used to fail a lot of Math SL quizzes... but the teacher never uses them in our marks.. Once I got 30/62 on my chem mock... but it also didn't count. I guess I'm just lucky....
  4. personally... the only textbook I used in IB was Math SL... No psych, bio, chem, tok, mandarin... well English books I read. Can't you get them from your school library?
  5. If he's quitting IB it shouldn't be too hard. Teachers don't really want students to fail... they'd probably pass the kid. My friend went into Chinese B SL and couldn't write "HI" (but her speaking was better than me) and the teacher passed her. But made her drop IB Diploma.
  6. Lucky... you're practicing already? I only got ONE practice as week before the actual TOK pres... My teacher said to have at least TWO aok to discuss... so you have morals... what is the other one? and I prefer 1, if I have to choose.
  7. Definitions? If it's one or two sentences, no harm in putting it in. I've always written around 700-800 words for my Background info, but it's not REQUIRED. It just needs to be detailed enough to support your conclusion that is deducted FROM your results.
  8. I pretty much get obsessed with any good anime... Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Full metall Alchemist, D. Gray man, Future Diary, K Project, Hunter X Hunter- have been some of my long term obsessions I know I'm missing some. Oh I'm currently watching Naruto and Devil Survivors
  9. WAHH I was afternoon Paper one was easy, except I know I have some wrong answers Paper two was easy, I studied cell resp. for nothing Paper three was just confusing... The Robins flew at day right? ARRGHHH whenever I think something was easy, I fail it.
  10. I wouldn't do IB again... no... just... NO. I don't know what A levels are, but I would just go with the regular Canadian curriculum.
  11. tbh, although UBC is called the "IB friendly school of Canada" competition is pretty high at the moment. Last year, people made it into Applied Sciences with 30 (with amazing ECs) and 34/35 was the cut off for Sciences I believe? And Sauder has always been like minimum 36-38. But this year, UBC has been acting really weird, since 38s are getting cut off for sciences. I personally got into Econ, but am waitlisted for Sciences. Also, my friends with 39-41 got NO scholarships at all, and I have only heard of one 36 getting into Science this year. (Which I'm bitter about). But my neighbor, who is
  12. Mandarin SL/HL and French SL There's also self taught too.. .so pretty much, any.
  13. Eng HL PAper 1 and 2 - ran out of time, barely finished. Didn't get a chance to check Psych HL Paper 1,2 and 3 - felt like I didn't do it right, but I'm not sure Math SL Paper 1 - ... PLEASE GIVE ME A 5 IBO haha... not so good... I'm not looking forward to the start of my exam day in 7 hrs.. Math SL paper 2, Mandarin SL Paper 1 and 2 :'(
  14. lol, I did like 6 practice exams... it says stuff like "evidence of valid approach"...
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering how we show work if we use our gdcs in paper 2... like, if we use binompdf ( x) we go, "used gdc, binompidf ({x}) or smth?? srrry im just really worried about losing marks for not showing work
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