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  1. Maybe you could think of yourself as 'above' the issue/him. Like you're just too good to care about it.
  2. I can think of a few things/mindsets you might want to try, although I'm not sure if they'll work for you. 1. The more self-conscious you are, the more likely you: won't let yourself 'be free' and/or will perceive that the others are better. This feeds your self-consciousness and it's sort of like a circle. 2. Try to enjoy them. Look forward to classes and everything. 3. Try not to hold back. Holding back kinda feeds your self consciousness. Make yourself feel comfortable in the classes so you'll be less likely to hold back. Tell yourself that you can do it and that your art and music
  3. 1. Familiarize yourself with the methods involved with different types of questions. The more practice you have, the more likely you'll be able to go on 'auto mode'. Well having said that, do be careful too in case the question they ask is slightly different. This is similar to what Vioh said too. 2. You don't have to all the questions in order. Do those you're confident with first. But in your case, if you know can more or less do everything, do those questions which take you less time first. 3. While you're at pre-IB, try to build a strong foundation so you won't have to worry about the b
  4. Yeah not that I can think of. And technically you can't exactly bring the data booklets in. Your school will provide them so you can't bring your own copy. Just thought I should point that out.
  5. I regret checking the score before actually watching the replay. Missed the surprises and mixed emotions that would have come with each goal.
  6. Someone posted a procrastination guide here on IBS before. I'll try to find it and give you the link. But you could try: (in no particular order) 1. scheduling your working habits such that the procrastination time is where you have to do necessary stuff. Like eating or showering or something. For example, you work then when you feel the procrastination wave coming, you have your lunch. Then after lunch you start working immediately before you take a break with a snack. Or a shower. This was what I did when I had to revise for the exams. I knew I would procrastinate so I just procrastinate
  7. ketchup. nice luxurious apartment or house?
  8. ketchup. nice luxurious apartment or house?
  9. AC for a heater but if I'm hot a fan should be enough. LOTR or HP?
  10. Probably IOC cause it was one of the earlier ones (haven't really gotten used to assessments guess) and I'm not very outspoken. How often do you play chess? Is it like a I-know-how-to-play-but-don't-play kind of thing or do you actually opt to play chess (frequently)?
  11. caramel? maybe.. dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  12. How about IB's my pride? I think that's three words. That works. I thought of "it's my pride" but thought it didn't sound that right.
  13. IB is my pride. (okay that's four words) Plus I could have phrased it better but yeah. Proud that I did IB. The accomplishment (and superiority (yes despite my 36 in comparison to all the other >40s out there on IBS) to a certain extent - *ahem* sorry for my ego lol ), experiences and other stuff that comes with it.
  14. Are you Australians watching live? The matches are so late here Gosh. I plan to sleep early so that I get sleep before Germany vs Portugal at 1.30am). But will see how lol. On a similar note, Rabobank hockey world cup 2014! Gold medal for kookaburras! Silver for hockeyroos! Wooo!
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