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  1. German A1 HL English A2 HL History HL French B1 SL Biology SL Mathematics SL I'm really looking forward to History:D, but sooo scared of French:S
  2. I'll hopefully start IB this summer:) Now I am spending 6 months in Costa Rica and my English is getting horrible here, so an english pen-pal might be good for me.. 1-Selin 2-French and yeah.. English:) 3-German, Turkish, Spanish(kind of fluent) 4-pm
  3. Thank you all very much for your answers!! I think, that I am the right type of learner for this:) Just have to think a bit about the fee-thing, it's quiet expensive..
  4. Hey there I will start IB this september and I'm thinking about taking a course online. My school don't offers Economics, but I'd really love to take it as SL. I wasn't sure, whether I can do it just self-studied, so I surfed a bit and found the online courses of Panjoma Education, which also is mentioned at the IBO's website. It seems like a good option for me Anyone has experience with online courses? Maybe Economics too? Or even with Panjoma Education? Thank you for your answers!
  5. You just have to divide up your time accordingly depending on what the question's asking you to do. Before the exam, you get 5 minutes of reading time to look over anything you want. I'd suggest you spend this time reading your sources so as soon as you're allowed to write, you can begin without having to waste time reading anything. Question 1: This is mostly comprehension, ideally this should take you only around 5 minutes to do. Question 2: This is asking for a comparison and contrast. Maybe 10-15 minutes or so? Question 3: This is your OPVL. This should take about 10 minutes. Question 4: T
  6. I'll hopefuly start IB this summer and after reading this I just got a lot more respect for History HL.. How do you manage this in 60 minutes? At my usual Non-IB school we had 70 minutes for like half of this questions:/
  7. Thank you two very much!!! No, I'm here in Costa Rica 'til July and will hopefully start IB in august, which in Germany is the Beginning of IB1. Yeah, I think I shoud explain a bit more : I'm doing the last 5 months of Year 10 here and I'm going to a usual school. The problem is that the quality of the lessons here is below of which I know from my old school in Germany and a lot more below the IB School (at least that's what I'm guessing). So the problem isn't that I can't manage my IB, it's just that I don't feel prepared enough. Muchaaas Gracias Really good idea!! The syllabi are just
  8. Thank you very much for your answers!! I guess, there isn't another opportunity than writing a big mail to Germany to really find out what things are like at my school
  9. Hey there!! I will hopefully start with IB this summer and I'm really happy for that. The problem is that I'm going to school in Costa Rica for 5 months now and I'm afraid of getting lazy about all this school stuff (I don't know whether you can call it school oder not, really). That's why I would like to prepare me somehow for my IB (by the way, my English is getting incredibly bad://). Somebody who started IB after a (lazy)(half) year abroad? Any recommondations? Muchas Graxx
  10. just read your topic, are you studying at Goetheschule?
  11. Really??! Well, I better ask my coordinator, but thank you
  12. I know this has nothing to do with the topic and Im sorry for that, but how do you have 7 courses?
  13. At my school you don't have the chance to choose that much:/ We have to take German+ English and History or Physics as HL..I'm totally mess in Physics and really like History, well most of the time:).. Yeah I heard about that Will be lots of work!!
  14. noooo Well, I think I'll try to do it in my free time.. Thank you very much for your answers and the book commendation !!
  15. Hey!! My school don't offers Economics in its IB Diploma Programme As I'm really Interested in Economics, I was just wondering, whether I maybe could self-study Economics SL.. Somebody who does this? Is it too dificult or possible? Thanks for answers!
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