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  1. I got 6000 for magnification, and one of my friends for 27000! Everyone's getting different results... It was 5500 for magnification because the scale bar was 11mm
  2. I do HL chem and bio, and I'd say go for chemistry. SL Chemistry is -- with regards to content -- similar to IGCSE with some chapters, and quite a cakewalk. Also, chemistry IAs (lab reports) are a whole lot less annoying than biology ones. If you're worried about your bad teacher, you can use Richard Thornley's videos on YouTube to help you out, he makes videos for each syllabus statement and they're really helpful. PatrickJMT would be the go-to guy for Math, along with KhanAcademy.
  3. I think you might need some more complex math than just a chi-square and a correlation, since that's what the kids in Studies SL do in my school. I did half an IA on the mathematical modelling of diseases, found it a bit too complex (went beyond HL) and then changed to some rocket physics. Rocket physics is actually straightforward; many sites outline exactly what you'd need to type in the IA and literally all you need to do is pick a parameter (fuel, nozzle size, engine size) and what it'll affect (thrust usually) and then jut model this with the pre-given euqations. To make your IA more "m
  4. Haha BioLuke you went to Harvard's SSP last summer? That's awesome! I'd gone there in 2012 and did Introduction to Chemistry; Chem HL has been a breeze after that! Are you on the SSP'13 facebook group?
  5. If you choose to do a chemistry extended essay that deals with Biochemistry, you will be graded solely on the CHEMICAL content, and NOT the BIOLOGICAL. So you need to be quite careful in your introduction, etc. (i.e. when you're giving the background information) that you link everything to chemistry very clearly. I did my EE in biology, and had to explain some chemistry stuff about assorted cleaning agents at the beginning, so I made sure that I linked everything back to the biology side of things, e.g. If I'm talking about adding a methyl group to my phenol molecule, I'll limk it back to i
  6. Pearson for Chem, and Pearson+Cambridge for Math HL. If you really hate life, use the IBID Math HL Book as well
  7. Haha thanks for the reply. I haven't really picked a focus for the topic, but I'd probably go with chemistry... However I'm still confused in terms of what I can do with a photobioreactor apart from make ethanol... Would this be viable? Determine correlation between temperature and ethanol yield in a PBR?
  8. Hey guys, So the whole concept of producing Ethanol from Algae in a photobioreactor has really captivated my interest, but I have no idea how to proceed with an EE on this. Do I make the photobioreactor myself, what can I investigate with this (i.e what would my independent dependent variables be) and would this be bio or chem :| Sorry for the barrage of questions Thanks
  9. If you can't manage both at a Higher Level at the same time, then you should really reconsider your decision to do engineering. Also, I'd say make Art HL your 4th higher level rather than removing economics.
  10. Doing Math SL (atleast) is good, studies is not really adequate preparation at all. And Bio Chem HL are musts. Just a sidenote, most of my friends who've taken psychology find it awful because they spend forever on research methods and **** like that, but college psych looks pretty interesting. Might want to avoid psych for now.
  11. I believe art at HL is good, or you could also think of Design Technology if it's offered at your school. Otherwise your Math HL and Physics HL should remain unchanged, and you can change the Econ HL for Art.
  12. Well the poor performance for an EE that quotes other sources for the data is usually because a student wouldn't usually be able to draw conclusions that already weren't mentioned in the orginal paper
  13. AHL=additional higher level, i.e. the HL bits only
  14. Haha is that the same as "Ecolint?" I reallly wanted to go to that school for IB, but parents refused to let me live alone in Geneva and pfft, teachers trying to reduce stress is impossible. lol it is ecolint indeed. Hahaha niceeee, is it as good as it's supposed to be?
  15. CS is NOT equal to a second language subject... BUT, I'd love to take it in place of french
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