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  1. Hey everyone, so I finished the IB this summer and now that I am done with most of my remarks I was wondering if there is any chance of getting a printed version of the IB Diploma to add to your CV and stuff. Personally I think it's quite weird that we can only check it in the internet. I know that the IBO send handouts directly to universities and similar but I dont know how long that will last. So I would be very happy if I had an official document at home for my own use. Can we order it somewhere and how much does it cost? Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hey guys what kind of questions did you get yesterday for spanish b sl paper 2? What was the health option? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys, I have a question regarding the English A Lang Lit Paper 2 in TZ1. I've written the paper in TZ2 and was wondering what kind of questions you had? Were there any on context dependency, timelessness or different interpretations? I am asking because I have to write the paper again for German next week and I would be interesting to know how the IB approaches the paper. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone, for my TOK essay I have decided to choose number 4 and selected intuition for it. I wanted to start with analysing its connection to reason, emotion, sense perception and language and then take two areas of knowledge. I think I might take economics for human sciences and some other. Knowledge issues are also mentioned in the title so do I have to investigate the connection between intuition and knowledge issues as well? Do you agree with my plan and have any advice or any tips in general? Also what are your counter arguments and is it possible to conclude that it does not work
  5. I doubt a school can be considered as a profit maximising firm. Therefore the link to the theory of the firm is difficult
  6. I'd say Economics is easier than history..you have to learn the definitions and understand the theory and that's it. History is more learning and more essay writing. Depends on you what easier for you is. I think catching up 4 weeks is better than having a subject which you dislike for 2 years and you won't have missed that much. But I think that with history you will have more options after school, cause for example you can study Economics at uni without having it in the IB (at least in the UK). but in the end its your choice.
  7. Well you can study Economics without Maths HL..you wont get into LSE and Warwick but for example Bath is a great university which requires only SL
  8. I think sciences and Maths should be the same..no idea about history but I know that Economics changed so probably history as well...the languages definitely changed cause there is no A1 and A2 anymore we have just either A or B
  9. hmm youre a tricky one..i guess you are german and in a english boarding school like me..i see you know what you are talking about and now the risks..For me time management is the most important thing in the IB and you are aware of it thats why I think you should do the IB..you live in the boarding school (if i am right) so you have the time and if you use it wisely you wont have problems..i think you should be fine and as you said you would be better off for uni but most importantly all the best for your health
  10. Wow I have the same essay just about bakeries. I finished my first draft a week a go..what you really should focus on is price and non price competition and as it is mentioned above barriers that should be the most important things
  11. Well it depends obviously on your grades and on your Personal Statement but you have a chance with Maths SL...I'll probably put it down as one of my options as well
  12. Well I have considered applying to Oxford but I dont do Maths HL and i doubt they would give me their offer...shame though I would like to apologize first for asking my own personal question in someone's else thread (mainly because no one replied my previous thread that is quite alike with it, so I'm afraid if I'll post another one it will be banned.) Anyways, do u have any lists of others universities that offer bachelors of both Economics and Management such as that in Oxford? Thanks in advance. Edinburgh is very good in Economics and Management as well..you should try that!
  13. Hey guys, I always knew that I wanted to include economics in my university degree but studying just economics was a bit too theoretical (besides the fact that I don't do Maths HL and wouldn't get into most of the curses) I looked a bit around and found the management course offered by some great universities (LSE, Warwick, etc.) so has anyone some experience with that course and knows what it all involves? I read the course content on the homepage of some universities but couldn't get much out of it. Thanks
  14. I am doing my presentation on the knowledge issue "What do optical illusions tell us about truth and sense perception?". I wanted to start with pavement art as my real life situation and then extract the knowledge issue out of it. Afterwards I think I should talk about truth and optical illusions in tok language as well as pointing out that reason relies on sense perception in certain situations. My conclusion would be that our brain is not perfect and our sense perception can be tricked so our point of view what is true is tricked as well. Any advice or tips? That would help a lot!
  15. I was thinking of doing "How do we know that literature is good?" for my TOK presentation. My real life situation would be that my English teacher thinks that Shakespeare is great but I don't. Any advice or tips for that?
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