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  1. CAS was very easy for me because I do a lot of activities both in and out of school. I think there are CAS opportunities everywhere, people just fail to see them. CAS is really not very hard as everyone makes it out to be.
  2. If you talk to your teachers they are generally pretty willing to help, so ask if you have finished your work, that maybe you can count helping out others in the class as S. This will double your class time and S time so you can still study in your free time. For A I agree with the others, just get out there and do something. Go running and ask your friend to go with you. Or go for a week and get 12 hours done from bike riding. There are plenty of options. Just keep searching.
  3. IB requires an awful lot of reading, but it's all about how much you choose to do. As well as how much your school gives you and makes you do. I don't do history but I know psychology does require a lot of reading. It all depends on how indepth you want to go.
  4. [quote name='gunce' post='30842' date='Dec 22 2008, 12:27 AM']Hey everybody! I'm really worried... So it's almost the end of the first semester in my junior year and even though I used to be a high honor student for the past years, things are not going really bright for me. But I still have the finals to increase my marks. My question would be, 'Is there a possibility of increasing my IB final mark to a 36-38?' Of course I will get really good marks from the finals and stuff. My main problem is that my assignment marks are low. My exam marks and stuff are really good. T
  5. If your friend is sitting on straight 4's and is going to try and take 6 HL's (which I agree with the others: the IBO won't let you do) he has to re-evaluate what he is doing. A 4 is boarderline number, so if they're going to step it up to HL they had better work a lot harder: especially in the Group 4 subjects. Like I have been saying all along, more HL's might look good, but if you don't pass them well they won't help and iwll stress you out more. As well as causing less time to be available for things like EE and TOK. You have to balance yourself...oveloading because it looks good on app
  6. Ok, what you need to do is go to the IBO website and read about it. Or talk to the co-ordinator at your school, trying to understand it just from typings over here will make life hard. All throughout IB you will need to draw on a crazy number of resources to understand what is happenning, so it's natural to do a lot of research before you choose IB. Yes you should do your weakest subjects at SL or those you cannot do at HL (either maths studies, ab initio languages or anything else your school prohibits) andmy school only lets us do 3 HL's so as to not overload us. There aren't any university
  7. You're never screwed if you put in the hard work. Asking if you're screwed is a stupid question because if you want above 40 you will stay in all year and work exceedingly hard, but you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. So no you're not screwed: don't give yourself a self-fulfilling prophecy. Work hard and you will do better. Also, a 30 isnt too bad a score, in victoria, Australia it converts to 84/100. which will get you into a multitude of very good courses, even at the best university here: Melbourne. So don't say you're screwed: because no-one is, there is always an alternative
  8. [quote name='sweetgirl' post='30786' date='Dec 21 2008, 07:52 AM']Hey everybody, I am doing my TOK essay which is when can we trust our senses to give us truth. If I think we can never fully trust our senses to give us truth, how can I define truth? Hope someone can help me. THX.[/quote] You have hit the reason we spend 100 hours listening to people argue about knowing things, when in reality...we can't know anything. We only accept because there is nothing better. How do we know that our friends are real and not a figment of our imaginaton? We don't. We accept they are real becau
  9. I've never heard of that. My school makes everyone participate in saturday morning sport so there's A. They clog our inbox with opportunities for S and there are numerous musicals and orchestra's to be involved in for C so I suppose they don't need to offer these types of projects. However some schools like to enhance the 'IB experience' by doing these projects, it's probably just thier way of extending you.
  10. 30 hours isn't really that 'easy' to get, but fun is easy to factor into A hours. Pick a sport you like or maybe your friends do and say is fun, then join a social team. These teams are really relaxed and there is no pressure, it usually can relieve some of that deadline stress. You also get to meet new people. Say something like netball. There is no pressure and you get to get fit and play a great game all the while having fun doing it! Social teams are a great way to make the action hours clock up without you even realising.
  11. I tutored a year 9 student this year and the lady at my school who deals with our CAS stuff said it could have been done for hours but I already had service, so I got paid. If you're looking for a supervisor, maybe tutor in the library and ask one of the librarians to watch over you now and then so they can sign the form for you. It is considered service because you are helping another person: serving them. Some schools just like you to do service which benefits a big group of people, so they may not let it count, but as far as the IBO is concerned it should be ok, it is at my school anyway.
  12. I agree with most of the people above: the revision guide would be a better option. However, it is also important to remember that the course companion (like a text book) includes a lot of extra information, other than what is on the syllabus. This is helpful because we only retain 75% of the information we read/learn, so if you learn 100% of the stuff in the course companion you will hopefully remember more of the actually syllabus.
  13. It isn't too hard, depending on your strengths. If your school doesn't record many 7's, look around for examples: teachers arent always the best resource. This website is helpful for notes and essays but try talking to students/teachers from other schools and getting past examples of 7's. IB is about being independent and thinking for yourself, we can no longer depend only on our teachers. That is the beauty of the IB: people all around the world can help you, not just your state or country.
  14. What you have to remember is that IB psychology is a humanities subject, so there is a lot of essays involved and a lot of justification. It has taken me a year to work out that psychology is essentially the use of case studies to come to your own conclusion about the topic at hand. If you choose psychology be prepared to research and memorise case study upon case study upon case study. Also remember that it is highly open to interpretation, so be careful with what you write. What you need to do is learn the case study's and what they pertain to and don't mess with the accepted norms or the e
  15. cmcgui09


    Hey, I suppose all of you studying psychology would know what GEMS are (that is gender, ethics, methodological and sociocultural) the things that we have to use to evaluate research...does anybody know how to put them in properly? I thought I was doing it right but I keep getting low marks and notes saying they aren't in there? Thanks! Chrissy.
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