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  1. Yey! I'm so glad people keep commenting this topic.. I posted it so long ago, I'm not even in IB anymore! However, I will just like to add one final comment about it... the more popular Twilight becomes, the more I seem to dislike it. First it was nice because few people knew about it compared to now.. but now, it seems like the media took this vampire topic to a whole new level of annoyment. Ok, back to physiology...
  2. I totally know what you mean... Math has never been one of my strenghts but those exams were completely out of question. I felt soooooo stupid.
  3. Banned because I am thankful that you feel emphaty for our biology situation
  4. Banned because this is a forum for banning so you should BAN... and because I am angry that I won't be able to present my biology exams when I had already studied for them
  5. So, in the last couple of days T.V, newspapers, radio and internet have been reporting continuously about the development of the swine flu in Mexico. However, one thing that really called my attention is the report of many cases of mexicans in other countries that are going through unrespectful, and sometimes even inhumane treatment in airports mostly. I completely agree that countries should have preventive measures when receiving mexicans in the moment, but there is definitely no need of treating them as inferior or violating basic human rights. So, what do you think? Is it possible to see e
  6. Your question about beauty is definitely not leaving any space for discussion, maybe you should change the phrasing, because it sounds as if you will be enumerating how do we perceive beauty. About the anorexia one, I think that you should also rephrase that one, because the term "psychological" is very vague. By using that word, you are not taking into account, for example that one model of psychology believes that behaviour is caused by a subject's environment. What I think you are trying to say in these question is what induces anorexia? Environmental factors like social press
  7. I will recommend that you stick to the facts for now, get all the info., then it will be time to start worrying about papers 1,2,3 and your internal assessment. I am sure that your teachers will tell you what is expected from you when it is needed.
  8. Banned because it has been ages since I banned someone...
  9. Banned because bacon sucks, and it is bad for your health..
  10. Banned for discussing bacon for a ridiculous amount of time
  11. Banned because it scares me that Irene keeps count of the spelling mistakes I have done in previous posts
  12. 174 cm... Even though it is not that tall, I feel so giant in a country of little people
  13. Banned because I feel like banning people today
  14. Do you study psychology? I am sure you can relate advertisement to Bottom-Top and Up-down theories of perception by Gregory and Gibson (I don't remember which is which).
  15. Banned because I can't figure out what the heck is the image in your avatar ...and because it is desperating that you can't express sarcasm appropriately in a forum
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