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  1. Negin

    Body Mass Index

    Yeah, I have the same question. Did anyone find the BMI data? That's the only problem I'm having now.
  2. Why is it Virginia Tech that's always hit with the drama? Haven't they had enough?
  3. I'm famous for staying awake all night. Even if I finish sooner, if I go to sleep then I run the risk of oversleeping and missing my morning classes.
  4. My extended essay is on Psychology. I'm comparing students' personality types and comparing it to their class achievements to see whether the two are related to each other. The personality type test I used was the MBTI, so the extended essay is basically checking if (for example) you have a ISTJ personality, does that mean your grades would normally be higher than a person with an ESTJ personality type? Of course, it's comparing all the different 16 personality types, and explaining it gets a little hard, but anyway. I have all the data, all the personality types and the co
  5. I'd help you, but I have no idea what a SWA even is. But I think websites like SparksNotes, PinkMonkey, or CliffsNotes might be able to help you.
  6. What's really nice is that all of us are procrastinator's together. So if one of us made it, so can the rest. There's hope for us after all!
  7. It really depends on the university. Most of us don't need TOEFL for where we want to go if we manage to get a good English grade, but one of my friends (who wants to go to Japan) needs a TOEFL grade either way. University requirements can normally be found on their website.
  8. I agree, especially since personally I'm not willing to waste away my whole life on studying. It's important, but it shouldn't dominate your whole life. After all, we're supposed to enjoy living, right? Just get everything done while you're at it. Though there was a girl in my school who studied day and night; she didn't even give herself a break long enough to shave her legs (no kidding). And in the end she graduated as the top student in her class...she got a 42 in her IB diploma. But did she enjoy high school at all? Anyway, whether or not grades motivate a student can depend on the teacher
  9. If I don't get enough sleep during the week (which happens more often than not lately, especially since our coordinator started demanding we finish all our essays), then my body usually goes into full-on-sleep-mode during the weekend. I sleep late and stay asleep until whenever...thankfully I don't have the type of family that insists on me waking up insanely early on weekends.
  10. That's probably the best way to do it. Study whatever you learned right when you get home. And you really do feel so much better when it's over. I'm the same. For some reason seeing things written down in my own handwriting is so much friendlier than in a textbook. Writing it makes it easier to memorize, and I actually enjoy going over it when it comes to revising it again.
  11. Seems like everyone has the general idea. Anyway, here's one more website that gives good food info: Food For Thought
  12. So true. Seriously. I have a dozen people in my class who say they never study, but then they get amazing grades. And I'm just like, "Ok, there's no way you never studied this topic." Maybe they studied it like a week or two weeks before-hand, but they studied it at one point or another. Again, so true. My biology teacher is constantly telling us that a few words here or there could make determine whether we get a good grade or a bad grade. Anyway, I have a friend who can read something once - honestly - and memorize everything there, and then remember it for a long time. There's no way I can
  13. I'd actually say that the role of language is a lot more important in areas like the Arts (all the arts, I mean, and that includes Literature, Drama, and all that), where a single word can change the meaning entirely, or where some words have more meaning than others. And people can interpret things in their own way. But in places like Math, we're basically working with a language that has no flexibility. Though now that I'm writing all this, I'm beginning to see your point. Though you could explain that when we're talking about actual languages (like English, or Fr
  14. Ok, let's say some people believe that restricted diets don't work because it shuts down the metabolism (I suppose you can relate this to Biology, but it's just an example). However, you're one of the people who believes that restricted diets do work, and you start looking for evidence to prove your point. What you do is you ignore all the contrary evidence, i.e all the people who claim that their restricted diets failed, and instead look at the cases that follow your belief. That's confirmation bias. The point is, you get justification, but ignore all the opposing justifications. It's suppose
  15. [quote name='eblake' post='28314' date='Nov 12 2008, 09:12 PM']What may be a knowledge issue implicit or relevant to "how do you know which university is right for you?" Also, what is a knowledge issue? >_<[/quote] I don't think a debate on universities is a good T.O.K topic. I wouldn't suggest it, anyway. After all, universities really just come down to people's opinions. Anyway, to answer your question: "[i]Knowledge issues are questions that directly refer to our understanding of the world, ourselves and others, in connection with the acquis
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