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  1. im not sure but i remeber a few stories, like "Easter night", and "gooseberries".. You can relate to religion, and the role of classes in society.. hope it helped ...
  2. Yes "kemeg" is right. Remember you CAN look up a definition, but PLEASE, define it as what you think. REMEMBER you are the knower, so you have to put in in how you define or "see" to be meant of a disagreement.
  3. OK, Here are my comments: 1. Your Paper can either be a History paper, Anthropology (because you are looking at today's society). 2. Also, "hanykoo12" is right, your topic is too broad. You can shorten it, by looking at what regions of societies (for instance, the galapagos island, since this is where Darwin, conbeyed an experiment, and observations), and also looking at certain time period, (actually that would be great), anything else like that. Just think about it, you cant show, or reveal everything about Darwin, while comparing it with today's society, it will be a too long of an extended
  4. you spelled everyone wrong, good luck on your essay....
  5. dont do it. drop out. jk.. IB is a great program (not fully, but good enough)
  6. banned because you should get some sleep, and Ty I wasnt refering to you...lol
  7. Banned because that sucks, hopefully you will feel better I think "alefal" went to go to sleep..lol
  8. Kiara catches the phone, keeps it ,leaving Ty phoneless. Kiara throws a platapuss at him
  9. banned because its Sunday over here, and its already Monday at Norway
  10. But wait, Ty wakes up, and he notices that this was all a dream. Kiara then throws coldiced water at his face
  11. banned because that sounds funny, in my timezone, right now...
  12. banned for stating the obvious. By the way Emy Glau-ski hope you feel better!
  13. lol.. I actually looked (just in case) ..as gross as it seams, there are roaming through my school (cafeteria, bathroom,classroom,etc) its disgusting!!! banned because I CANNOT imagine myself at Australia! I wouldn't survive!
  14. banned because changing the subject will still remind me of the SCARY sight of Australian roaches...
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