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  1. Hi there, I wanted to see which topics I could contribute to. But it seemed the tab for "Unreplied Topics" is MIA. Any updates? Thanks!
  2. It's really just a class to talk about interesting concepts- in the end the only marks come from your essay and presentation. Know that your essay is worth twice as much your presentation so manage your time accordingly. There are a tonne of guides and tips for the essay/presentation so if you want some just pm me, but really just try to enjoy the process of debating/discussing ideas + opinions in class
  3. I am strictly speaking upon my gut feeling- having read the malpractice rules but of course not remembering the slightest details. However my opinion is that simply asking the difficulty of a paper from a friend is completely "fine", I've overheard of someone from the other side of the world also discuss a paper's "relative easiness." But just to sort of justify that, how would someone's subjective judgement of a paper you have not taken give you an advantage in any way? I don't think IB prohibits the simple discussion of the difficulty of the paper- if you really want you can scour the IB gui
  4. Wow, you guys area reallly helpful. thanks Started and finished reviewing all my notes today ahah thankfully I took Biology HL and I still remember stuff we learned in Chem class- annd all the best to you too!
  5. Hey so this is probably going to be last new topic since it's going to be last exam :') Anyone know of any recurring topics for Options A/B? (Or random detailed questions or tricky little questions they try to make you mess up on, etc) And any tips or anything for paper 3 in general? Thanks!
  6. yeah i'm going to focus on chemistry and geo paper 2 for now, but maybe focus on 1/2 of the topics + some case studies and hope for the best?
  7. Hey, So I was just wondering, Of all the colour changes we've discussed with chemical reactions which ones must we have memorised for the SL exam? Thanks
  8. Looked at the recommended teaching times, pretty sure our teacher inverted everything, We spent a tonne of time on core and options spanning whole semesters, and virtually nothing on extensions >< yikes. Thanks for the help though, I shall try to look for case studies
  9. Hey all, So we were left to learn about half of the Geo extensions and the content seems overwhelming large. Anyone have an effective way of cramming the extensions throughout the weekend (while studying Chem Paper 1/2 and Geo Paper 2 ahha) Thanks in advance!
  10. I would say, probably- maybe 1 point with coherence/organisation since your thought/conclusion wasn't finished. Nonetheless congrats on getting it over with 2 Down!
  11. I actually started a thread on Jan 11 2014, on the same date as the "earliest" post for "other subjects." but it seems to have been started slightly earlier than the "earliest" visible posts , so it's not actually accessible via the main "other subjects" page. However, in trying out your suggestion, I went to find my posts/content, and I could still access it, only by looking at my general posts and accessing it that way. So the posts are still there, just not accessible, so it seems.
  12. shoot, it's less than 4 weeks away!! > me too, exams... sigh
  13. awe man, we're still learning our content ><
  14. For the first question I'd just take almost exactly what I'm taking: English A Lit + Performance SL, Mandarin SL, Geography HL, Chemistry SL, Mathematics SL, Biology HL. Second question: Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL, Mandarin SL, Geography HL, Biology HL, Mathematics SL, Chemistry SL Perhaps another question is what classes would you take without the fear of getting horrible marks and without having to fulfill 6 groups, If that were to be the case I'd take Geography HL, Psychology SL, Biology HL, Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL, Chemistry SL, Math HL
  15. I'm having the same troubles. It seems like the early posts are not present anymore, if you change the filters, for example, to most replied, all the posts are from Jan 2014 and onwards except for the pinned threads. So yeah, only one page is accessible and the older posts seemingly disappeared. It seems to be a bug, hopefully it can get fixed??
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