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  1. Thanks for so much help guys Final question... does anyone know what the score brackets are? Like % to % for a 1, % to % for a 2, etc...trying to calculate what minimum score I should aim for on my Mandarin SL exam (not positive thinking but it's going to be my hardest IB exam).
  2. Thanks again for the links. Last question: Do you recommend I get the textbook or workbook?
  3. Thank you both for the help. Do you know a good website to find these books though? I am trying Amazon.
  4. Hello all. My school does not offer a textbook specifically made for Chinese IBSL. Does anyone here have recommendations on what textbook I can purchase online to guide me towards the exam? I'm from America, so IB is fairly new here. Also, any advice on the exam? Is it in complete Chinese? I have been learning traditional characters, will I also need to know simplified? Thank you. Help is appreciated!
  5. If you havent taken Psychology as a class in some form I highly do not recommend it. If you want an "easy" EE, find a topic of interest in History. Fairly straight forward, but of course it doesn't guarantee a good score. They grade the EE with utmost difficulty. And dreams may not be a good tpoic either since Psychologists dont really take them too seriously from what I learned. You have time. No worries.
  6. In my honest opinion, if you can find some way to make it seem like CAS, it is CAS But this would definitely be a service activity. Don't try to stretch it too far by saying it's action or creativity.
  7. I probably researched 1-2 hours a day for about a school week. So, around 10 hours of research should be good unless you take a while to find your information. The longest part of this will be reading the articles that you need for your research, but generally it won't take very long. Writing the EE should also take about 10 hours if you complete it in one go (from the start), but you will want to complete several drafts along the way. I say spend 4 hours or so every week on it until you first finish your first draft, then finish an official draft for your supervisor to assess, and lastly your
  8. I had around 20 different studies in mine, with a few other resources. Web-based source is fine as long as they're from journals and referenced properly in APA . You don't have to spend an arm and a leg, most of the time you can get stuff from databases at libraries like you said. JStor is a good resource, and if your school can get it or if any nearby institutions can get it it's relatively cheap for a site license and is very good. Also, if you can get your hands on a copy of referencing software like Endnote it helps too. Good luck with your essay. Thanks a lot! :)One last question, how lo
  9. To be totally honest, it's mostly good. However, I would start with "to what extent" so it's an open question and you can discuss it, and I would refine "playing too much video games" to "exposure to video games" or something similar. So, a question that I would recommend (don't necessarily use it as yours though) would be along the lines of "To what extent does exposure to video games have adverse effects upon a child's cognitive abilities?" I wouldn't put brackets in your research question, it should be refined. Explain the scope of your investigation in your introduction instead of in your
  10. You were required to find 12 studies? Wow. O.O I did Google my topic and I got a BUNCH of results. Of course, not all of them may be legitiamte for IB but I know I am at least not doing a dry RQ. I was thinking maybe just video games in general but I do have to tkae into account the "educational": video games they have now. When I play video games though, it surely isnt the educational ones Maybe I should focus on the video game type to narrow my RQ further but thanks for the tip! Im also thinking about maybe comparing 2 or 3 studies in my essay and coming up with a conclusion betwen them?
  11. Hello IB students, I have decided to finally try and get a start on my EE before it is too late. I am wodnering if my reserach question is narrow enough: - Does playing too much video games (of any variety) have adverse effects upon a child’s cognitive abilities (especially as they grow up)? Does it need rewording or is this narrow enough? I was thinking about doing sometihng with developmental psychology. I do have one backup research question that I am willing to share if this one does not suffice. Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. For describing musical tastes....I hope I pick the right album for the right relative genre: Gaga, The Fame Monster Madonna, Like a Prayer Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill Radiohead, The Bends Bjork: Homogenic
  13. You want to be careful for originality, too. I've seen this question in a sample list for Psych EEs...in addition to the fact that it's kinda a "been there read that" type of thing what with the rise in gay rights right now.
  14. Much to my dismnay, I recently had to change my EE topic into sometihng totally differnt, but luckily I was able to find a subject (unlike before) that I had interest in. I brainstormed a list of topics followed by possible research questions I could do. Here are highlights of my favorites (I noticed all of these seem to tie into developmental psychology): Are the children of parents with addictions more likely to develop addictions of their own? Does playing too much video games (of any variety) have adverse effects upon a child’s cognitive abilities (especially as they grow up)? Do defi
  15. I am also having trouble thinkiing how I would approach this too since one's influence can be very broad. Thanks for the tip about the guide. I'm already thinking of using my backup plan and going for something else I'm interested in instead.
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