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  1. I agree with everything bluedino has said, but, wish to add that a really good starter for your RQ is "Should XYZ firm...." . Good luck my BAM IA was my favourite throughout the entire course!
  2. Hey, Sounds like an interesting topic. I would suggest rewording it with a different 'question phrase', such as 'To what extent...', as can is rather limiting. So for example you might decide fro company XYZ your RQ would be To what extent has outsourcing at XYZ firm been effected by technological developments/capital investment (or the external environment)? Just been thinking, perhaps you would be better to focus on the entire external environment (PEST), as technological development could be too specific, depending on what info is available? I hope that helps. I would suggest finding a firm
  3. I agree with your teacher about smaller business being better easier to do. My concern with your RQ is that it could require you to gather a lot of primary data, other wise how will you know that there would be demand for a healthy sort of cupcake. But if you already have that, it would definitely be a go-er. It should allow you to look at R+D (in a sense) assuming they would need to develop a recipe, trial it etc. and the costs associated with this, because developing this new line and marketing it could have some significant expenses (Investment Appraisal - which is really good for the BAM I
  4. Hi I did mine this year and didn't include any tables on financial data in my word count. If you did it would make it almost impossible to do the IA (The word count is way too low in my opinion). My teacher didn't have any issues wit this.
  5. Hi, I know how you feel about the EE driving you crazy! Was exactly the same for me, until I decided on a RQ! My intially thoughts on your question is stakeholders so perhaps conflict/mapping/resolving conflict. So maybe How effective XYZ shrimp farms use of stakeholder mapping aided conflict resoloution? Or something like that? Hopefully that helps not hinders you! Any more questions just ask!
  6. Hi, Firstly, your RQ should be in the past, its easier to evaluate for an EE, in the future it is more an IA question. I had to change mine several times because of this My first question is how much information can you get? As the BE analysis by nature is heavily dependent on quantitative information, you would need this but also qualitative information too. Do Sears use a BE analysis and who uses it and why? Did they only start using it recently, can you compare the change? Also variable costs would be limited for Sears wouldn't they, a change in having an additional product isn;t likely goi
  7. Hi, Good luck with your IA! This is the format our class followed, and our teacher seemed happy with it. To: Staff Memeber Orgnaisation Title: Date: CC: IF ANY From: Name Candidate number Session e.g. May 2014 School I then also had, Executive Summary Word Count, Research proposal Word Count and Investigation Word Count. Hope that helps!
  8. Quite alright. I think that should be fine. For example in my SWOT I mentioned the lack of product development (Ansoff Matrix), then later on discussed the Ansoff Matrix. But don't just repeat the same thing each time if you know what I mean, or else you will run out of words!
  9. Hi, I did a SWOT for my EE. The way I did it was in paragraph form, with a heading for each thing, choosing one key strength (in saying that I did do 3 strengths, but one of each of the others!) to focus on and analysing it, as by bullet pointing it you don;t get that level of analysis otherwise. I got predicted an A for mine. Here's an example of what I did: OpportunitiesThe acquisition of Formica has provided a potentially powerful opportunity, the developing laminates market in Asia. This is evident as China’s economy was growing at a rate of 9.5% in 2010 (New Zealand Ministry of Foreign
  10. I found Paper 1 easier than expected too, seems like most people who sat it from my school were the same. Paper 2 was alright, the data analysis question was bizarre compared to other years I thought. Paper 3 did DigiTech and EM Waves, Digitech was pretty straightforward really with few calculations which was a bit abnormal. EM waves was just strange with, water waves instead of a laser for double slit interference, making it difficult to apply some concepts (Yes, the water waves get brighter!)
  11. Hi, I completed mine earlier this year and am predicted an A. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if I think what you're getting at is why is what your looking at worthy of investigation. This is just why should you bother investigating what you want to. For me my RQ was How effective has the acquisition of Formica been as a growth strategy for Fletcher Building Limited? so this was worthwhile investigating as they did it during the economic downturn, and it was significant acquisition due to it being a multinational corporation. Hope that helps, if not can you give me a little bit more e
  12. 51 downloads

    Notes on the origins of the Cold War.
  13. 22 downloads

    My notes on Josef Stalin to meet the requirements for Topic 3: Origins and Development of Authoritarian and Single-party States. Everything that you need to know for this should be there. Please let me know if there are any issues!
  14. Hi It sounds good, however I feel as i you are trying to explore two different questions at once. I would suggest specifying the green energy source or the location so for example: "What type of "green" energy power plant (solar panel/ water/ biomass/ geothermal) should company X invest in if it expects to achieve the shortest return on investment with the least likely social issues in the future?" then in your explanation of it specify the country i.e. Bali or "Which location should company X decide to invest in geothermal energy if it expects to achieve the shortest return on investment w
  15. Hi Everyone Is anyone able to give me a link to the History HL syllabus, our teacher hasn't given us one and I can't find one on google! Thanks heaps!
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