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  1. Our working knowledge issue is "How can we gain historical knowledge from mass social media?" My teacher suggested that we broaden it to "secondary sources" or "a population's consensus"...the like. The real-life situation we were dealing with is the Library of Congress archiving twitter and twitter being incorporated into the British primary school curriculum. Yeah, it's cliche, but at this point...I just want a good presentation. So much for wanting a really original, kickbutt topic. What weaknesses are there in our question, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. TZ1...seems that the consensus is that Paper 2 was more difficult than Paper 1. Kinda odd. I thought Paper 1 was difficult, but Paper 2 was great. I sure hope the boundaries move down, though.
  3. Paper 3 was amazing. I might be able to salvage a decent score. Did anyone else do Environment/Food? I was flipping through the test...Drugs & Medicine seemed pretty straightforward.
  4. what did you think of paper 3? Any hopes of mark boundaries going down from last year? Yeah. I didn't address it because of the 24 hour ban. :silent:Otherwise...I'd love to talk about it. Sorry I'm abusing these emoticons. But they're amazing. I don't know. I hope the mark boundaries go down, but don't we always? I honestly feel Paper 1 & 2 were more difficult than last year's, though...so fingers crossed.
  5. Paper 1 was a bit more difficult than I anticipated, based on past papers. Last year's Paper 1 was quite easy. Paper 2 was a catastrophe comparable to Waterloo. I don't even know what happened. I've always been weak with free-responses, but I almost cried halfway through the paper. Yeah, pathetic. Did anyone else do #7 for Section B?
  6. Really? I thought Paper 2 went so much better than Paper 1, which was a tragic disaster. I was aiming for a 7. My IA was 38...after the test, I'm thinking 5-6, maybe 7? Aish. I wish I could stop hoping so when I do get my score, I won't be crushed.
  7. Question 10 was Pythagoras Theorem, basically. You just had to account for the initial 15 miles at t=0 that Ship A was north of Ship B.
  8. T_T *moment of silence for easy marks* Same here. Sigh. I'm shooting for a 7, but I predict a 6 or 5. Wish the IAs counted for more. The only HLs at my school are English, History, Bio, Art, Music, and Theater. They're introducing Spanish next year, I think, but Eng. and History are mandatory HLs. That's fine for people like me who have trouble balancing a combustion reaction, but kids who are strong in math are put at a disadvantage.
  9. Okay, yeah! I got 2.22 for the angle at the bottom left, of the smaller triangle. Sorry for the bad description. But weird thing is...since both sides of the smaller triangle (the bottom and right sides) were 6, then the upper angle would have to be 2.22, too...and umm...that's not a triangle. 0_0 Or did I just miss something really silly?
  10. So how was it? I found it to be easier than P1. I blanked out on that Section B question with the triangle intersecting with the circle. I knew how to solve it but kept getting weird angle values. 0_0 So I just at least wrote down the formula for method marks.
  11. A theme kind of creates itself. You'll find that you naturally tend to do a certain style, subject matter...and these will evolve. Primary colors, watercolor/ink, and people are the most common threads in my portfolio, and that just came out of natural interest. I think my IWB and work reflects that changing thought process. I wouldn't worry about conciously following a theme.
  12. Oh, good...I found it difficult, too. Hopefull the grade boundaries will shift downward. It was mainly 6 and 10 that I had a problem with. Cheer up. It's over; there's nothing you can do but hope now. Just focuse on your other exams - good luck!
  13. I had TZ1. Yeah. But in all seriousness, it could go either way. I had trouble with 6 and 10. Can't even remember what 6 was about. Reading this thread, I was panicking thinking I bombed the entire test...until I realized these were TZ2 questions.
  14. "Vergissmeinnicht" by Keith Douglas. I don't really like poetry, but I really enjoyed this.
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