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  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  2. I was waiting for one of my offers to become unconditional on UCAS, after which I would cancel and halt my Visa & Residence Permit application in The Netherlands (I also applied to a university in The Netherlands). Surprisingly, my application got cleared today, much before August 8 (the approximate date I'd get the Visa, according to the university), and I can go and collect my Visa. Since I really want to study in the UK and the uni in The Netherlands was just a backup option, is there any way I can cancel my Visa and Residence Permit? This is important since I transferred 10,200 Euros t
  3. What option did your school choose? We did sets, groups and relations.
  4. I really need to know by how much % I missed my 6. I got my component grades today and I got 65% overall in Math. Would anyone have an idea how far away this is from a 6? Thanks a lot.
  5. 70 downloads

    RQ: To what extent is the supply of part-time female domestic workers in my area of Vikhroli, Mumbai, inelastic? Grade: A Marks: 35/36
  6. ENGLISH LITERATURE SL: 5 PHYSICS SL: 6 FRENCH AB INITIO SL: 7 MATHEMATICS HL: 5 BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT HL: 6 ECONOMICS HL: 7 EE IN ECONOMICS: A TOK ESSAY: B CORE POINTS: 3 TOTAL: 39 I almost cried with joy. I really want to thank IBSurvival. I couldn’t have even thought of achieving this without the help of everyone here. I love you guys! (I didn’t make my Durham offer of getting 6 in Mathematics, but I got above 38 and the 5 in English. What is the probability of them reducing the offer?)
  7. Cambridge. The one by Ellie Tragakes, hands-down. I've used the one by Matt McGee as well as the one by Alan Glanville. But the way Tragakes presents the subject matter is just amazing.
  8. 1. It's way too broad. Market structure is a common topic among Economics EE's and these EE's usually achieve high grades if done well, but you need to localize your research and deal with firms in your vicinity. 2. You can't automatically assume that multi-brand retail businesses in India are operating under perfect competition.
  9. The first thing that comes to my head when I think of the Nash equilibrium and economics is a duopoly. So you could possibly do your EE on duopoly product pricing or something.
  10. Much better than paper 1, I think. But I just had a doubt about the first question (the dairy company). For the gearing ratio, the 24 million had to be added to the original capital employed of 45 million right? So the ratio becomes 24 million (loan) divided by 69 million (45 + 24) right? Plus, the investment appraisal had to be done on 24 million right? (because the entire acquisition was funded by the loan)
  11. It's not a bad topic, but I think you need to be more specific. Privatization's impact on what? Feasibility of privatization in terms of what macroeconomic indicator? I don't think a large-scale evaluation of privatization can be dealt with in 40 hours (Allotted time for EE)
  12. I applied to The Netherlands because apparently the economics courses there are really good. I applied to Tilburg & EUR and got offers from both. If I had to choose between the two, which one should I go for? Both seem to be equal in terms of employment prospects and rankings. However, I did read that Tilburg had a better academic reputation. Could someone confirm this? Thanks a lot.
  13. Should the answers be point-wise with some explanation for each point or in paragraph form? Plus, I always end up having time constraints while attempting the last few 10 marks because I spend too much time writing those initial 8-mark questions. Is there some minimum amount of points that would suffice and still get me full marks?
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