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  1. Paper 2 was do-able for me, although I agree with majority of the people that A6 was tough :/ I felt like something was missing somewhere so I just completely skipped the question. I didn't quite get A1 either as I was confused with it as well. The Section B options weren't that great either. I had a hard time choosing between B1, B2, and B4, but I chose B1 and B2 in the end. They were both nice, except for B1 part 1. Not my favourite topic My goodness, I just bombed my exam :c (Paper 1 went well, hopefully Paper 1 and 3 will boost me up a little.)
  2. In my current year (May 2013), we have a total of 10 students (+1 who's re-taking his IB exams this year). Out of 11 people: 9 - Malaysians 1 - Indian 1 - Japanese mixed Croatian To break it down even further (within the group of Malaysians): 3 - Chinese 2 - Indians 2 - Malay (Muslims) 2 - Eurasians (French, Portugese, Chinese, Malay, Indian + 100 other race mixed) Malaysia's a multi-cultural country, I suppose? (No, not really.)
  3. I hope the the grade boundaries aren't super high since it's a new paper, although paper 3 was quite easy I do hope that they'll be somewhat lenient with paper 1, maybe?
  4. Hahah, I saw that immediately and smiled as it was pretty much a gifted question. Nothing seems to be wrong, perhaps they were being really generous :3 (I hope) I had a hard time choosing between question 1 and 2 for section A since the questions were relatively easy. However, when it came down to skimming through the article during the 5 minutes reading time, I was confused with what the Peso article was about.
  5. I did question 5 on historical, cultural or social context. Half my class chose question 5, whilst the other half chose 6 I believe the HL people got the same question as SL, since my classmate did the same exact question as us. He told me that it was the same when we asked which question he did.
  6. Similarly to jinye, paper 2 and 3 are my only hopes to pull my grades up after making a poor decision on selecting the wrong question in my paper 1 Paper 2 was relatively easy. I chose question 2 which was the trade agreement between India and Malaysia and question 4 about FDI. However, I feel that I lack in depth in terms of evaluation Paper 3 was easy as well, however some of the 4 mark questions were quite difficult as I either did not understand what they were asking for or I was never taught the concept behind it ; _ ; Question 1 as mentioned above was a gift for me. Ad valorem tax is b
  7. I agree with you, rc_1995. "Crisis for Christmas" turned out quite well for me :] However, I feel as if I have not analyzed the text adequately as this was the first time I've analyzed a two-page advertisement for a textual analysis. (Time constraints)
  8. University of British Columbia Economics - BA 34 points* (2013) Applied Sciences - BSc 32 points* (2013) 38 points (2012) *Predicted Simon Fraser University Economics 34 points* (2013) - IB Excellent Entrance Scholarship Award
  9. Hello there, It seems like you've got quite a nice set of subject choice. I personally enjoy taking Economics HL as my subject, although I'm unsure about the other subject choices. In my own opinion, taking 4 HL subjects is quite a tough challenge. (Looking at your subject choice, I'd kill myself from the intensive writing session during exam! ) I, myself decided not to undertake this challenge as I have realized the tremendous amount of work and effort that comes along with it, even though I may be very passionate about a certain subject. Seems like you have spent quite some time researchin
  10. Sri KDU International School, Malaysia, May 2013
  11. Antarctica ! Penguins come to meeee Black Widow spider or Black Mamba snake?
  12. I'm flabbergasted at how tall you guys are. I'm sew jelly :c I am 5'4. (163 cm) I'm pretty short, although I'm somewhat of an average among my classmates. However, my sister who is 2 years younger than me is soon to be around 5'8-5'9 (173-175 cm) after her scoliosis is fixed.
  13. I personally think it's only slightly challenging and tricky. Paper 1 can be tricky, and as mentioned above, tips such as practicing past year papers and knowing your definitions helps a lot! My teacher constantly reminds us about how easily it is to be fooled by the questions. The gap between Physics SL and HL isn't that big as well in comparison to Chemistry SL and HL. My seniors or friends who are in IB2 taking Physics HL said that it was definitely much easier than taking Chemistry HL in comparison. I don't think you'll have too much of a difficulty in Physics HL if you're determined and
  14. Australia -1 Asia +! Asia 82 Africa 80 Europe 52 Australia 52 S. America 45 N. America 31
  15. Africa -1 Asia +1 Asia 81 Africa 83 Europe 52 Australia 53 S. America 45 N. America 28
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