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  1. Do students need to fill out "Actual Outcome", "Comments", and "Ref in product" in the test plan? What should I do for Criterion E? Is it sufficient for me to explain how I did the techniques (with justification)?
  2. You brought up good points, but this one is ridiculous. Sorry if this is rude, but you haven't looked at this from any perspective other than your own. There are probably hundreds of schools which offer Language and Literature where you live, but zero where I live. And it might be the same for ryuk1, so don't say it is his fault.
  3. I think that the first one is just a newer version than the 2nd one, and the third one is a course companion (i.e. not really a concise study guide).
  4. By the way, I think you should give his last name as al-Assad, not just Assad.
  5. This document describes the syllabus changes between the syllabus for first exams 2008 to the current syllabus (first exams 2014). For more information, look at the Math HL syllabuses below: First exams 2006 First exams 2008 First exams 2014
  6. By the way, you should probably put actual scales/numbers on the mass spectrum graph axes. I didn't do that on mine, I did it quickly.
  7. I'll try to help, hopefully I don't make any mistakes! If I did, then I would appreciate any corrections. ii) Below you can see the mass spectrum I made. On the x-axis, I put the masses of each isotope. You'll notice that the x-axis label actually says "mass:charge ratio". If you learned about mass spectrometers, you probably know that both mass and charge determine how much an ion is deflected. However, usually in a mass spectrum, the mass:charge ratio just equals the mass because the charge of the ions in the mass spectrometer is usually 1+ (I am not 100 percent sure, but I think that's rig
  8. I'd like to make it clear that I think that the most probable explanation so far is that the Syrian Arab Army (Assad's forces) were the cause of the chemical weapons attack. I'm not sure if Bashar al-Assad was involved with that decision directly, however. But I did notice some errors in Sandwich's post. I think the general consensus is that Bashar al-Assad was not "losing" the war in the months prior to the recent attack. Supporters of the regime say that he was winning (to be fair, there was the victory at al-Qusayr in June and the regime regained land in Homs shortly thereafter). However,
  9. The TI-89 is not allowed, but the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition is.
  10. I was able to load the first link posted after fixing the URL: http://www.tutor2u.net/blog/files/temp_file_2013_Case_Study_50_questions_(Royal_Danish_Bearings)_2.pdf
  11. Well, once, in May 2007, the IBO accidentally reused the May 2005 History paper 2 (it was the same exact paper). There were talks back then about cancelling the paper and just using predicted marks. However, once they marked it, they saw that the accident gave not much benefit to the students and they ended up marking it as normal (perhaps with a shift in grade boundaries). From this, it seems like the IBO doesn't cancel exams unless something really bad happens. They'll probably just remove the bad questions (i.e., nobody gets points for them and total is lowered, like what happens with bad s
  12. For number 1, here's my solution. Hopefully I didn't mess up! I tested it using my graphing calculator and it seems to be correct. I'm sorry I couldn't explain how to solve quadratic inequalities, but . Remember:
  13. Your HL courses seem perfect for what you have in mind.
  14. I found a copy on this webpage: http://www.cse.msu.edu/~cbowen/quotes.html (CTRL+F "Last of the Books" to find it). I don't know if that is the whole thing or just a snippet, though.
  15. True .. But if i take bio and lets say either psych or history, wont there be too much memorising to do ?? I hear Biology SL is a pretty easy course (in that there is a lot less content than HL). So, I don't think there will be THAT much memorizing to do.
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