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  1. I got mine from my IB coordinator ask yours! or which ones do you want?
  2. This actually sounds like fun! I've lived in many different countries and I love meeting new people! I speak english and french and did spanish ab initio during the ib I just completed the programme so I wouldn't mind helping anybody send me a message if you're interested
  3. Yeah thanks Im waiting for my coordinator to tell me the percentages as he isn't in the country at the moment.. I shall call them tomorrow morning with all my fingers crossed!
  4. I missed out my offer by two points.. Do I still have a chance? It is heartbreaking really at this point but I don't want to give up yet. So can I still have some hope?
  5. Isn't it rather strange that the HLs got the same papers as us? That means that they are going to be graded much much harder, right?
  6. I absolutely love travelling! I have been to: France Egypt Hong Kong Poland India Czeck Republic Slovakia Germany Italy Andaman islands China Australia England Philipines Sri Lanka I think that's it.. Unfortunately, I have never been to the Americas
  7. Hey, LSE visited our school during a college fair, and a lot of us asked the same question. They said that we should not really consider applying if we don't have Math HL it is a requirement... Just like Chem HL for most med schools :/ So even if you have a great predicted scored, it's not really worth applying if you don't take math HL.. sucks right? :/
  8. You know you're in IB when you procrastinate doing your work by spending time going through posts on this site
  9. I don't think there are any officially out yet.. There is a sample paper (you can find it on google ) but i think that is about it. There is a practice book that is really useful- Oxford's IB Skills and Practice for economics
  10. I take both Econ and Chemistry HL, and it's not that bad. I also take bio HL, and for me the labs aren't that big of a problem. In the beginning of year 1, the labs (IAs for sciences) were kinda hard, but our bio teacher got us to write great labs now. So that helps a lot. Econ isn't that bad, it's a lot of common sense, and if you understand it, then you're good. The IAs are not too bad either, just gotta manage your time In terms of 'easiness' I'd say it depends. Econ is less work and easier to understand. But if you're a science person, then you'd probably prefer chemistry. But both are o
  11. The question bank really helps, and not just for math. For all subjects, especially the sciences. But when it comes for math, I prefer doing a lot of problems from our textbooks (we have 3 LOL), and then looking over the question bank. If I know how to do it, then I just move on to the next question, if I don't then I try it and then look at the markscheme. You shouldn't feel bad about doing the questions from the bank though. Our teacher gets questions from so many places that even if we go through the question bank it doesn't really help. But don't drop math SL. Not only will it look bad on
  12. I think that they want you to just take different values of OP and r and see how it affects OP'. In the question it says "Use technology to investigate other values of r and OP." So you can do so using whatever program/software you have been using.
  13. If you're using non right-angled trig, you'll need to make use of another rule (used in nra trig) besides the cosine rule to work out P'. That's the best I can do without directly stating what you need to use! You actually don't need to use another rule other than the cosine rule. Well I didn't . But you have to look at the different triangles you have and how they relate so that you can find the angle P'
  14. Hey! So I am starting my EE in Bio, but all these ideas that I have had so far have not been EE material type... My supervisor said that they were either quantitative and not qualitative or were too broad/narrow... Can anyone please suggest a topic that would be interesting- like in physiology or something to do with growth. At this point, I would be glad to take in any ideas! (: Thank you!!
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