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  1. i want to know if the word count in IPP includes quotes. my teacher said i should not count the quotes when doing my word count but i am so sure since it was not written in the criteria. i am a HL student.
  2. What about "how do we form our first impressions of strangers?" Look at how we use the ways of knowing in order to get a first impression of something and then look at the pros and cons of how we use the ways of knowing and the traps you can fall into, as well as the benefits conferred by this rapid system of decision making. First impressions can be wrong but they can also be right - how much do we rely on them, should we rely on them and why? That sort of thing would be very interesting, in my opinion. thanks i understand what i have to do now...
  3. ok i get your point but my second KI is how does reasoning influence justification in society? what are your opinion about it.
  4. i have a tok presentation to do and i want to know if my KI is strong enough to use. any help will we appreciated . real life situation: : people immediately assumed I don’t understand Swedish because I am a foreigner KI: how can the truth be gained from ssumptions.
  5. i am doing my ESS IA right now and i would like to know if i can get old samples to look at... so that i can get a good idea of what i am doing?
  6. i have a ordinal data but i dont know the appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion to use. mean mode median i dont know which one to chose.
  7. after doing my IA on glanzer and cunitz serial position curve . my results from the wilcoxon test allowed me to accept the null hypothesis instead of reject it and i am wondering if it means i fail my IA If i keep the same experiment or i have to do a new one.
  8. i also want to know if my IA is valid if i my wilcoxon test doesnt support the study i am replicating...? do i fail or i can get a high grade if that is the case
  9. i also want to know if i am suppose to calaculate the mean of the two conditions to draw a graph?
  10. i have finished calculating everything expect i am stuck at the standard deviation part. i ve done ranks of difference and everything else. should i attach my data collection for you to see..
  11. i am currently doing my psychology IA and i am stuck halfway on my calculation of the wilcoxon test. please help me if you know how..thnx
  12. But I want to know which statistical test to use, becau my teacher told me to use the wilcoxon . However I was concerned about the drawing of the curve..
  13. Thnx blindpet... I used repeated measure by the way..
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