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  1. I got into MIT, Stanford and a few other prestigious schools with 3 HLs, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Don't push yourself too hard if you can't handle it and know that there's a lot more to your application than academics!
  2. Hey guys, I'm planning on writing my second economics commentary on International Economics - Tariffs. I was wondering which article is better: 1- http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2012/05/31-percent-anti-dumping-tariffs-announced-for-chinese-solar-panels The problem with the one above is that it's too long, can I use part of it only? the section before "The Background". 2- http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/dec/15/china-taxes-us-car-imports Thank you!
  3. The similarities and differences in the motifs, theme, characters and their ability to display a futuristic dystopia?
  4. Does a comparison between Geoge Orwell's 1984 and V for Vendetta sound like a good topic? It's a graphic novel so I'm not quite sure if that's appropriate and if it's a good topic overall. Thank you!
  5. Does finding the effect of temperature and time on the rate of Vitamin C dissociation in a number of fruits and vegetables sound good? I do need to narrow it down and rephrase it to make a proper research question but as a start, would it be a good experiment? should I include something about preservatives? thank you
  6. I'm having trouble coming up with an EE topic, does this sound like a good one? "What is the effect of age and gender on the formation of visual and verbal short-term memories in the human hippocampus?" The experiment wouldn't be too complicated and can be done in school. Let me know what you think!
  7. Does "What is the effect of age, gender and BMI on the formation of visual and verbal short term memory in the hippocampus?" sound like a good topic for a biology EE? I have an idea for an experiment I can conduct that won't violate any of the IB experimenting policies.I can't seem to get the right topic and it's getting frustrating. Thank you!
  8. How about something like "What are effects of gender, age and BMI on the formation of short-term memories in the hippocampus"?
  9. HI, I've been thinking of an EE topic and I came up with this, "What is the influence of age, gender and BMI on the myotatic reflex" and maybe discuss the diseases associated with the disfunction of the neurons responsible for this reflex after coming up with an experiment. Does it seem like a good topic? Thank you
  10. When applying the formula to quartics, are the two roots real and two complex, or are all four complex? Because the equation would be applied differently. Thank you
  11. I can;t seem to write an introduction that's long enough. This is the first year for IB in our school and yeah, our teachers aren't much help. I explained polynomials and complex roots and that was only 100 words. What else can I say? Thank you
  12. Is this article okay for a commentary on macroeconomics? http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2011-06-11/news/29647234_1_new-forecast-hydrocarbon-sector-saudi-arabia Thank you
  13. I think I'll be going for the second one then. Thank you for your help! Oh and since I'll have to mention the author's use of language, how can I include that? and should I use a powerpoint presentation? I don't see how that will help so I'm not very sure <.> Thank you
  14. I think I'll be talking about 1984 since it was my favorite out of the books we've read. However, I need help with my topic. "Comparison between Julia and Winston's character" "Relation between Orwell's 1984 and modern days" I can't come up with other possible ideas, so should I choose one of these or find a new one?
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