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  1. 38 here Pretty happy, got into my first preference! Congrats on the perfect scores!
  2. Uhhh I assume you can. I mean, in our English A1 class we did waiting for Godot which was originally written in french, along with several books originally written in spanish. As long as you're comparing the two English translations of the text, I don't think it would be a problem.
  3. Ha, me too. I think it's due to the fact that I can actually somewhat prepare for this paper whereas paper 1 is really all about thinking on the spot. Good luck with chemisty.
  4. I chose the extract as well. I thought it was quite good. I also interpreted the factory, or the Rouge as oppressive, controlling through the variations of imagery it used, personification and some instances of irony I picked up. My thesis was different though, I chose to talk about how the characterisation of the workers showed the loss of individual identity and how they represented the masses: picked up on the reference to world war one and industrilisation in the final paragraph as well. Anyway, glad it's done! Only one more English Paper to go, (the unfortunate one)
  5. TOK is big on examples first up. So initially, try and research some examples that could be applicable to the statement. Try and relate your examples to the TOK areas of knowledge (ethics, natural sciences etc). From having examples to work with, it should enable you to play around with the statement and examine it from various perspectives. You want to consider scenarios where the statement could be true or false, and then conclude an argument from evaluating such scenarios.
  6. My teacher has advised me 6 pages of good quality writing is the ideal, try to write no more than that unless its great quality. Basically, don't ramble past 6 pages just to /look/ like you know what you're talking about. Anything less than 4-5 pages probably isn't covering as much as it needs to. Of course, this is applicable depending on your size of handwriting etc.
  7. What works best for me is just rewriting my notes over and over until they are in this tiny condensed form: that way it involves active studying.
  8. I'm well aware the IB requires you to study early x) I'm just looking for any tips etc I should be aware of, for instance in psychology how you should /always/ know ethics, etc.
  9. You know you're in IB when your relatives ask you if it's like taking a tafe course. (true story)
  10. So I'm taking my final environmental systems and societies exam in about a week and it's the only subject of mine that I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable about. I've been endeavoring to go over my notes to ensure I know the content, but find that when I do past papers, it actually varies quite significantly from straight testing of syllabus details. I'd really appreciate any advice!
  11. You could try lack of light on melatonin levels? There are several studies you could use for this: Rosenthal (1987), Lam (2000) and Terman (1988?)
  12. Keep up to date with notes. Especially for content subjects.
  13. 26 downloads

    Complete Syllabus focused notes for Chapter 3: Human Population, Carrying Capacity and Resource use for Environmental Systems and Societies
  14. I would recommend sticking with SL History. It really is approachable and if you know what you're doing, with the right techniques etc. and a decent amount of work (as is required by ANY IB subject), you can do well.
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