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  1. Hey guys i need my diploma for my admission soon but my school says it will come in september. I heard that parents can request from IB to get diploma faster. If somebody has done that before or know how to and from where please tell me. Thanks
  2. Hey i was wondering when do we receive the printed version of IB Diploma from school. I need it in next few days so if anyone can tell me when it received it will be helpful.
  3. Name less

    IA Survey

    I did the survey and whatever IA it is I think you should have more questions on your survey
  4. hmm i see. This topic seems interesting but may be a little hard to write a 4000 words report on. For the thermometer normal one wont actually do so why not try this one http://www.degreedays.net/infrared-thermometer Its about 50$ on amazon i guess thats not much for EE. Hope it helps
  5. Still better than whats happening in my school. So basically there is 2 tok teachers in my school one is very strict and gives everyone a 4 or 5 max and the other one gives everyone at least 6. I got the strict teacher and my presentation and essay grade depends on him. Well yours is different case. Dont worry about your class grades because in IB only the grade you get for presentation and essay counts. So even though you sit quite in class not saying anything but do good in essay and presentation you can get an A
  6. This is probably going to be my last post about my ToK presentation its in 2 days and i finally decided to go with KI Main idea: Can feelings get in the way of our learning? Wording #1: To what extent can emotion act as a barrier in the way of our learning? I know i need to work on the wording of the question but you get the concept. A reworded KI will be really appreciated if needed Isn't it similar to Topic 6 Prescribed titles? Any ideas to make it a little different than that? I cant talk to my teacher about the KI because I missed some deadlines and he'll be pissed off at me if I do. How i
  7. Ok so i took the RLS about Ford Pinto case read the full article here. I came up with a KI Can we know if logical decisions are more acceptable than ethical decisions? I had very less time so I just came up with it and started working on presentation. From the presentation i could see that its going to be a C or a D but is this KI good? I became sick today morning so i didnt go to school and i got 1 more week for the presentation now.
  8. Ok so i changed the knowledge issue to To what extent does reason justify the revealing truth ethically? So what you think about it now? I am having trouble in approaching the reason part. I am having problem in connecting reason and ethics Hey i see you online can we chat a bit? i will only take your few minutes
  9. So i have a ToK presentation tomorrow, i know i am screwed but please help. Its my final presentation which will go to my report card. So my knowledge issue is To what extent does reason justify the revealing truth ethically? I am thinking to choose my real life situation in ethics but then i am having problem how to approach and it how reason and ethics are going to work together. Please help me, i screwed myself but i got few hours do it. I will be very pleased if you help me. Just comment anything that you think is good it may help me
  10. So i came up with this Knowledge issue but i am not sure if its good enough or not To what extent does reason justify the revealing truth ethically? and To what extent does reason justify the attempt to reveal the truth ethically? I am confused between both, which one is better?
  11. Second one seems fine to me but i guess you should do what your teacher is telling you to do because your presentation will be marked by him/her so you really have to please him/her with it. I just came up with a knowledge issue, correct me if it's not that good but i think it'll work. To what extent can ethics be justified using ways of knowing? You can talk about reason, emotion under different AoK To be honest, you shouldn't work out the knowledge issue first. I had trouble with my presentation and i was in a similar situation. I was given some advice about the KI and i think you should do
  12. I have a tok presentation (final presentation) in few days and i have to decide a knowledge issue for my presentation. I decided these 2 knowledge issues but after i talked to my teacher he said it should contain ways of knowing and area of knowledge in the knowledge issue. There is the knowledge issues To what extent can revealing the truth be ethically justified? To what extent does reasoning justify the attempt to reveal the truth? My teacher said that these are not the good knowledge issues but he also said you can make one from these two which should contain words like reason and ethical
  13. Out of the prescribed titles i chose Can we know when to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge?. Consider history and one other area of knowledge. I am thinking to use emotion as another area of knowledge and certainty and interpretation as linking concepts. I will explain the certainty of knowledge gain through emotion and our interpretation. So i can explain how certain is the knowledge gain through emotions but i am not sure about the when to trust our emotion part. Can someone give me an idea or a clue so that i can make some progress. Its due after 2 days. I am thinking of making
  14. Hey man i am also doing my ee on computer science, can you send me few from your school website? Thanks in advance
  15. Guys i am doing this. I am able to do 2x2 system but i want help in 3x3 system. I also have uploaded a pic to show you guys whats the question.
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