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  1. The title of this topic says it's about "A Doll House"
  2. The correlation between the arrangement of the props in the play and the progression of the plot. My english teacher says im super weak in english... this is how I feel about it : http://i.qkme.me/36h3ga.jpg Tell me what you think!
  3. So I have the chance to make this switch between my HL subjects.. I'm pretty good at writing, but my english teacher disagrees. I feel that she needs to know my abilities better, but so far she has suggested I move to English SL, which isn't too bad... only if it weren't for my second option, Economics HL. I'm already taking Economics SL( obviously ), but what do you know she says I'm risking an easy 7 if I move to Econ HL... meaning that I would do much better in the SL. What do you guys think? Oh, my other option is Chemistry HL... haha no way I fail at life when it comes to that subject
  4. Lmao i just repeated what you said my bad!!!
  5. Hey thanks , I've been hearing a lot that it's easy to get in but hard to stay in is that true? (from what you know) oh and anyone else on UBC ?
  6. I'm talking lifestyle, education, difficulty, safety, type of people, etc. If you got in the program at either of these unis say so and tell us of your experience! ... And your final IB grade/predicted grade as well My number 1 choice is electrical engineering FYI...
  7. any programs to make it easier to graph this ?
  8. :* , I'm not one to trust online money transactions...
  9. Hey all, I'm not very active when it comes to posting on this website, but I read through almost everything (related to my subjects of course haha). I just want to give thanks to everyone who is a part of this website, both the community and staff. My IB class this year isnt so lucky because we have new teachers (first year teaching IB) and you lot have helped a lot! Anyways, that's all... I wanted to make it brief. Cheers, aceface
  10. "The effect of the change in temperature on the frequency emitted by a guitar" briefing of what I'm trying to get at ;standard room temperature, hit the string (or even a tuning fork if i have to), change the temperatures, see my results, come to a conclusion. If you have any further suggestions, suggest away!!! Oh and, I have to submit an outline of this tomorrow. Last minute changes would help .
  11. Hey everyone I want to make this quick and brief; I'm a Physics HL student, and if you've noticed I've been asking around for some help on my Physics EE. Anyways, a question hit me today and I don't know whether this is valid or not. "How does the color of light determine mosquitoes' attraction to the light"
  12. Hey y'all So, I've got my EE topic due soon and I keep hitting the same barrier every time I begin to think of a topic; It can be proved on paper and I'm going to look like an idiot for extending it to 4000 words. SINCE YOU KNOW MY PROBLEMM... : ) , let's get onto where I stand now How does air resistance affect the horizontal displacement of an object in projectile motion? How does the shape of an object affect the horizontal displacement of an object in projectile motion? How does the center of mass affect the speed of an object? ( planning to use a little trolley to test this out ) THANKS
  13. Chemistry SL, in each chapter there are only around 3/7 sections for which you are responsible for.
  14. That's not something I thought about , but I will inform my supervisor if there is a way to make these measurements. Then again, maybe that is why he denied my topic. Would you suggest I write my EE on something along the lines of electricity? I think my problem is that, every question/topic I come up with, I think that it can be simply answered on paper.
  15. Yes, because there is a lower chance of error when it comes to mechanics, and most EEs he has seen that have received an A are mechanics-based. I would have picked another subject but I prefer physics over the others but my physics teacher is very reliable ( over my other teachers ).
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