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  1. does anyone have the Barron's AP US gov and politics book? 4th edition? I want to practice the test from there could i get a scan of the test and answers
  2. So I am doing an autobiography on him and I just want to know what were his major contributions to economics.
  3. Why is homosexual marriage in Massachusetts such a big deal for people not living in Massachusetts?
  4. what does pi- mean? I am doing limits and it says as x approaches pi-.....and another problem says 2- (sinx/(1-cosx) as x approaches pi- for the limit can someone help me to solve this? i have no idea how to do it....
  5. hahaha this is all me whatever more for me find the solution to y'= -2ex/y given that y(0)= 4
  6. How do i answer the question should art be original? answers by tonight would be great appreciated
  7. i swear im the only one using this. Kinda awkward. this is kinda a continuation of the previous question. how do you show that there are no max/mins for the graph of y=2-((3x)/(x2-1))
  8. oh i thought i had to use the washer method because i thought that x=a was another equation oh thats easy thanks! okay one last question for the night let f(x) = p-(3x/x2-q2) the asymptotes are x=1,-1 and y=2 find p and q
  9. I think i am the only one who has questions....... the shaded region is bounded by f(x)=x1/2, x=a and the x-axis the shaded region is revolved around the x-axis through 360 degrees and the volume formed is .845 pi find the value of a...sorry i cant show the graph i have no idea how to show it
  10. since this is a hint forum can you tell me if this question is too broad or awkwardly stated? and tips on how to fix it would be helpful to what extent does birth order affect the offspring's personality traits from a heterosexual parent family? thank you
  11. oh wow thank you....i dont know why i didnt see that and im sorry i made a mistake its y<0 so the answers -1 but thank you
  12. consider the equation: 2xy^2=x^2y+3 find y when x=1 and y>0 im using implicit derivative but i cant seem to find the answer...if someone were to answer by tonight it would be much appreciated
  13. I am writing an extra chapter for the novel Anton Chekhov selected stories: the darling any tips to increase my chances of correctly following Anton's tone/writing style & story line?
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