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  1. I sat my IBDP exams in May 2013, and for a number of reasons, I would like to retake 2 exams. Is it possible to re-sit the exams in November 2016- when I have finished my degree?
  2. It is not free, but I used WriteCheck. It for students by the creators of Turnitin, nothing is saved on their servers.
  3. Do you think the same applies for HL Chemistry? This is interesting. My teacher has been insisting we write essays. I would assume so. The main thing the examiner care about is that the points that are in the mark scheme are written on your exam script (the way you do it is irrelevant). You only get awarded the marks if your answer has the same point as the mark scheme does.
  4. Exactly the same question? Unlikely.
  5. When I was doing my History IA, the samples I was given by my teacher all used footnotes, we were also told we had to use footnotes.
  6. US universities do not care about the final grades. The only thing that would be affected would be the number of High School credits the university will give you. Two of my friends failed the IB, for various reasons: their universities still accepted them (Berkley and Colorado).
  7. I'm aware of the VIP thiing, I used to be one, but then had no use for it and deleted the account. I really can't buy as I mentioned earlier. Other means? I love that guide, it's brilliant, don't have a copy now, will ask a friend! Lanterna have a free 7 day trial, so if you can save the content or make notes in that time, you won't have to pay anything! (I don't know if they still offer the trial though, and if all content will be unlocked- worth a try though).
  8. If you become a VIP member on IB Survival, you will be able to find a ton of revision notes, etc that would be able to help you! Alternatively, Lanterna Education (http://www.lanternaeducation.com) offer online revision; IBGuides.com is also a good starting point; and possibly, buying some revision guides will help (the one by Andrew Allott is particularly good along with the OSC one are the most popular) or even a text book will be a good starting point.
  9. Have a look at some of the private schools in the UK which offer bursaries, and boarding facilities. The majority of private schools here offer scholarships and bursaries (means tested); and the bursaries often may be the complete fees.
  10. This may sounds awfully patronising or whatever, but I find that when I hold my pen tight my hand always always always hurts. But when I hold it in a looser way then it doesn't hurt at all- it may mean that you are not writing in a neat way, or neater than you usually do. With that being said, as long as it is legible for the examiner, it doesn't matter.
  11. A few of you have done the survey already, thank you so much! Can a few more of you please please please help me out by also completing it? I promise it won't take long (a minute or two, if even that!).
  12. Of course you can use the TEEL method. All the evidence needed would be in the summary of evidence, so that would be a straight forward way of doing it. Make she's you ONLY use evidence presented in section B, and don't bring in any new evidence.
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