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  1. I'm DONEEE!!!!! Finally! HL English L&L: 6 HL Psychology: 6 HL Biology: 7 (BY ONE MARK!!!! ahahaha) SL Math Studies: 7 SL Finnish B: 7 SL Chemistry: 7 EE: A ToK: B So 43 points overall!!! I'm so happy!!!! I met and exceeded my uni offers and will be going to the University of Glasgow for Psychology and Neuroscience fall 2015! WE DID IT! Also I was 5 points off a 7 in both English and Psychology I'm wondering if I there is a point in getting them re-marked? I guess you could call them kind of subjective subjects so any ideas?
  2. Oh my god I've never been more nervous for anything! JUST A FEW MORE DAYS!!!! Good luck everyone
  3. So I didn't apply to any of the unis you have on your list but I did apply to the University of Glasgow for BSc (bachelor of science) psychology and neuroscience (so a joint honors course). And even though I took math studies I got an offer for 36 points for deferred entry to 2015 (2 weeks till I know whether I've met it EEEEK)! My predicted grades were high though, so that may have played a big role. Basically its possible to get an offer from UK unis even with math studies but I think it makes it harder/less likely to get an offer. So I think you should stick with it unless its way too hard
  4. So I've been with my boyfriend since the last few months of pre-IB and honestly its not hard if you both have the same priorities. Meaning that we both care a lot about school and wanted (I suppose it should still be in present tense but oh well ) to do well while having time to be together AND have time alone (which is extremely important!!!). So for us managing time was relatively simple. I think you just have to make it clear to the other person what your study habits are and how you work best. Also, I think if you are dating someone who is also doing the IB can be a very good thing as you
  5. I did mine on the interaction between socio-cultural and evolutionary factors on mate preferences (their origin, formation and maintenance) its larger framework was, of course, the nature vs nurture debate. I think once you have found a certain aspect of developmental psychology you'd like to focus on (e.g. formation of gender identity- I personally wouldn't do this one unless you find extra information from outside the syllabus cause its one of the main focuses of the dev. psych option!) then you should start reading and researching as much as possible. Once you have the theories and studies
  6. II know that some (quite big) part of my classmate chose endoplasmic reticulum (proteins for exocytosis) but some (including me) chose sarcoplasmic reticulum. While one of the best students in our class picked rough endoplasmic reticulum pointing that actin is a fibrous protein so i has mainly secondary sturcture and does not need any further modification so it will be just synthesised and then exocitosised. Anyway I'm confused with this question... I chose sarcoplasmic reticulum too cuz I think I read on ib.bioninja before that the muscle fibres have this layer called the sarcoplasmic reticul
  7. Yeah that question was tricky! I just reasoned it was free ribosomes because they produce proteins for use primarily within the cell (and sacromeres are inside the muscle cells I think). But I have no idea
  8. Was the actin one about where it was made? If it was that question I put free ribosomes as the answer (can't remember what letter that was).
  9. I said autosomal recessive, but yeah, I was so tired and really not focused at all. i just said autosomal do you think they'd still give me the mark or does it have to be autosomal recessive? am i the only one who found the third graph really confusing? the one about depth and temperature difference Yeah! I found that one soo confusing! I had written the answer to one of the questions on that graph only to realize I had looked at the graph wrong Thankfully I still had some space left and managed to fix my answer
  10. Yeah I also put it was rough ER! Cause it was like linear and had the dots on its surface and I don't think the golgi apparatus has ribosomes on the surface...
  11. There are pre-set markschemes for psychology essays? I thought they just graded it according to "general" criteria (e.g. relevant knowledge, evaluation ....)? Or did I just miss something big?? Also how did paper 2 go? (I think we are allowed to talk about it now but I'm horrible with time converstions!) I got lucky that one of my options had the question I had written a thorough essay outline on the day before!
  12. Hey! I'm just finishing my EE (about time) and after cutting down 1000 words, some content along with some sources had to go. Righ now I have 12 sources in my bibliography, is this an appropriate number of sources to have for a psychology EE?
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