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  1. may be there's a mistake or something? Don't worry you can retake the subjects you want in november. I know lots of people who did that
  2. HI! I can't find any websites that contain option F notes. If you know any good sites can you please help me? I changed the school in the middle of the senior year and in the new school they are doing different options. I don't have problems with option E. But I don't know how to study for F. Thank you very much. Good luck on your exams!!!
  3. ok. khanacademy.org very useful for biology. It contains videos with amazing explanations!
  4. Yeah. I am doing Spanish ab initio and I really hope to get a 7.
  5. Yeah. I had k = 3 and k = -1. But then I plugged both values into the equation and it had to be equal to 0. So I wrote that k = 3 is the right answer.
  6. OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!!!!!! I got the area 10 as well! But all my classmates had different answers!
  7. I hope this year the boundaries are the same.
  8. hmmm...I learned only 1 section and I was reeeally lucky. I studied for paper 1 a lot and completely forgot about paper 2. So I had no choice because it's impossible to learn two options on the day before the exam day (Yes, I'm doing HL. Or wait...WAS doing?). So I learned a section from each option. In developmental I was lucky. And actually there were even TWO questions from the section I learned! So I guess they changed it... The second options was good because I got a question really similar to what I wrote in EE. Though in paper 3 I will lose points. I completely forgot about that purposi
  9. oh...That's such a relief. I'm glad psychology is over. In paper 2 my options were developmental and human relationships. But I didn't study much. The first time I ever opened developmental was the day before the exam! I changed the school in january and in the new school they were doing different options so I had to either change mine or study on my own. I decided to leave the options I had. But then I forgot to study. And then I had to prepare for paper 1. On the may 2 in the evening I just felt that I would get that resilience question. I learned only the section which contained resilience.
  10. I need it for my math IA. Help please!
  11. hello! I wrote the essay and then I realized that it might not be on the right topic. Are you sure that we can write for intuitive explanations?
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