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  1. It could potentially be difficult to analyse all three techniques in adequate depth within the world limit, but if you are a concise and deliberate writer then you could probably manage an awesome paper! If it becomes too difficult to find a happy-medium between breadth/depth of your exploration of identity/sex/politics, maybe just pick two or even one to focus on.
  2. Did anybody do the the TZ1 papers?
  3. Hey! How did you guys find the HL paper 1 and 2 from TZ1? I thought paper 1 was pretty good and paper two was alright as well! I did questions 6 and 9, anyone else do those?
  4. Typically if you are over 3250 words, that is alright! Any shorter and it could reflect poorly on your paper.
  5. 67 downloads

    Here are some notes I made on the causes of World War I!
  6. 77 downloads

    Here are some notes I made about The Cold War!
  7. Hey everyone! According to the St. Andrews scholarship website, applicants for the Scholarship in Honour of Their Royal Highness The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (wow that's lengthy) should have been informed today of the status of their application. I know that there is only one recipient of the scholarship out of every applicant from all over the world ... however I thought that unsuccessful applicants would have received a friendly email letting them know. Has anyone heard anything from St. Andrews about this award? Or is anyone on here perhaps the lucky recipient?! If so .... congratulati
  8. If anyone has anything on Death of a Salesman, Glengarry Glenn Ross and The Glass Menagerie, I would LOVE any help at all!! I hate that there are no past papers we can look at for this exam, does anyone know where one could find a sample paper?
  9. YES! DEFINITELY! My friend did her English EE on symbolism in The Hunger Games and is predicted an A
  10. Hitler's development and running of the Hitler Youth program was a form of propaganda for the ideal Aryan race. Such propaganda schemes were fundamental to Hitler's authority and included restructuring education to teach Nazi ideologies, introducing youth groups to indoctrinate younger generations. By introducing measures like the 'Strength through Joy' scheme, Hitler managed 'to leave the people with nothing but sleep to themselves'. He also instilled a sense of fear among youth as they knew nothing but this totalitarian dictatorship; they expected nothing better because they had never known
  11. YES! It is SO worth it! I know it can be stressful at times, especially when it seems like TOK papers, labs, IOCs, IOPs, WIT papers and EEs are all due at the same time, but believe me ... it is definitely worth your time and effort! My mum is a registrar at Dalhousie University and they appreciate students who do IB so much; they have separate scholarships, separate entrance requirements and special advantages for IB graduates. If you get a 5, 6 or 7 in a higher level course they will give you a first year university credit for it! So it can save you lots of money if you end up at uni! Also,
  12. Hey! Just wondering if anyone is on tumblr! If you are .... you should follow me! vivez-rirez-aimez.tumblr.com It is a very effective procrastination tool ... I can manage to happily waste hours of time scrolling through photos and gifs instead of doing that leftover chem homework. Oh dear, anyway .. comment and I'll follow you back!
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