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  1. Hey! so Im done with my extended essay and ill be having my viva voca tomorrow...im kind of worried since i dont know what to do or whether its graded or not. Any tips or advice on what to do? Thanks!
  2. For my CAS project.. i am teaching school bus drivers and janitors to use computers, like MS word, the internet and some other applications
  3. I have my full schedule on an app called iProcrastinate its pretty cool
  4. well first of all itsounds like a good idea...but it is too broad, your research should be more focused. What you can do is focus on certain gaming companies and mention their names, or focus on one single economy like USA for example. You need to make it focused on something so that you would know where to start in your research. Try to look into gaming companies that make arcade games like NAMCO since the demand on these is falling (just an example but you can choose whatever you want. Or maybe you may decide to focus on a completely different variable. Your secondary sources, i would say, d
  5. Not true. For example, UBC could care less about your SAT scores because they rank their applicants based on school grades only. Recently, they've added some holistic touches to the application, but still no space to add SAT scores. We Canadians like to think of ourselves as different from the Americans. In Canada, do as the Canadians do. whoa i was talking to my college counselor about this today. Anyway im a canadian citizen studying outside canada, and on my Mcgill application there was a space provided for SAT scores and i did mention them along with GPA and the IB predicted results. My c
  6. Do you guys know of any universities that offer exclusive scholarships to IB students?(those who score well ofcourse) I found out that sheffield in UK offers a 7000 pound scholarship to 10 IB students every year but i cant really find any in US or Canada...do you know of any?
  7. Very easy: (1 2 -2) (x) (5) (3 2 1) x (y ) = (0) (-1 1 -3) (z) (6) In order to get the values of x y z, you multiply both sides by the inverse of 3 x 3 matrix on the left side. I'm sure you'll be able to find out on internet how to do so and therefore it would look like: (x) (7 -4 -6) (5) (y ) = (-8 5 7) x (0) (z) (-5 3 4) (6) (x) (7x5)+(-4x0)+(-6x6) (-1) (y ) = (-8x5)+(5x0)+(7x6) = (2) (z) (-5x5)+(3x0)+(4x6) (-1) Therefore, x=-1, y=2, z=-1 EDIT: haha i'm sorry for the messed
  8. Hey can anyone help me with this question? Solve the system of linear equations using the row reduction method: x+2y-2z=5 3x+2y+z=0 -x+y-3z=6 Please try to show me the solving as well if you can. thanks
  9. Hey guys! does anyone know where can i find the 2011 and 2012 papers for biology HL? i cant find them :L if you have them as a pdf i can give you my email to send them. any help will be appreciated thank you
  10. Youve probably all already finished the mathHL type 2 portfolio for 2013...but i havent even started! i am currently struggling with the choices, i find both of the filling the petrol tank and dice game incredibly difficult but not impossible. Anyway do you have an idea about which portfolio would be a better choice to work on (easier and/or less time required) thanks!
  11. My supervisors said that a CAS project should involve two of creativity action and service and that it should run for a minimum of three months, thats why i wasnt quite sure and i checked about the gym, he told me thst it wont be counted as CAS! I may have an idea now thanks everyone
  12. hey my CAS project proposal is due soon... any ideas? or what did you do for your CAS project? Thanks
  13. Are there any guidelines for using books translated from other languages to english for an english A1 EE? Is it even allowed? Thanks
  14. ive come to the my final list, hopefully, of the books im going to write my EE on: 1- The god of small things by Arundati Roy 2- Comparison between brave new world by aldous huxley and 1984 3-The stranger by Albert Camus 4- Notes from the underground I havent decided which yet any ideas on which could be most suitable? Thanks
  15. I wasnt planning on comparing these two, for The color purple im comparing it to I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelu and for of mice and men im still researching but im most likely to pursue the color purple as ive already read i know why the caged bird sings and they have many themes in common. Not yet a final decision, Do you know of ny other books that i might want to research? Thanks
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