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  1. People find being friendly competition really helps them get motivated, everyone wants to do better and this ambition drives them to do better. Otherwise, thinking of success at the end can also help as the process to get there is through hard work and efficient effort. Just remember: It'll be worth it in the end!
  2. An interesting topic! I believe that hard work leads to geniusness, no one is really born a 'genius'. Perhaps surroundings and the environment have influence and significant impact on the upbringing on someone in a certain field, but without necassary hard work, geniusness cannot be continued. Someone with average ability can surpass a genius who does not do anything at all. Geniusness has to be maintained through hard work and so the two are linked in a sense. One cannot exist without the other!
  3. If you like really good crime and punishment novels with a little bit of mystery and great character strength, I recommend "Prisoner of Birth" by Jeffrey Archer. I tried it randomly at the library and was surprised at how captured I was as the plot progressed. A great read, definitely worth looking at!
  4. iPhone! The keyboard can be accessed through the screen rather than having another keyboard attachment. The apps are super fun and overall, it's just more of a convenience to use and handle
  5. While I was finding out about certain aspects of the IB program
  6. Fake it til you make it. People often cannot tell that you're scared inside if you act and speak confidently on the outside. In fact, they'll be impressed by it. Having an entertaining and interesting speech will allow others to appreciate you a lot more. From my experience, I went and did something quite far-fetched. I entered into a public speaking competition (note that back then I was the shyest person in school) and went ahead and did my speech. I found that any other speeches after that were nothing compared to how scared I felt when speaking at the competition. Funny thing is, it wasn't
  7. I find that Disney songs are especially nostalgic, I find myself listening to them every once in a while and remembering the lyrics. I love watching Disney. Now having a baby niece who's growing up, she's already in love with Disney movies
  8. Computers are useful, espcially for programs such as Microsoft Office Onenote. Having different programs on the computer enhance your skills and help broaden your knowledge about different ways to present projects. It is also great for editing. However having said that, it is also important to hand write things as exams and such are taken without computers. Therefore I find computers a great way for projects and taking notes in some classes, while practising hand writing in other situations fairly important too
  9. Planning works out very well for some people. You plan out your study time and in that time - study. You allow breaks every now and then to grab a drink or relax your mind. Take away all distractions while studying so that you can study productively. Allowing breaks will clear your mind too and allow better concentration levels. Exercise before studying is also proven to help concentration levels Anyhow, the main point is to get rid of distractions. Be realistic, you know yourself best. If you can only study well in 30 min blocks, don't force yourself to study for 5 hours. Study in 30 minutes
  10. We watched the movie in English class for leisure, the ending was indeed quite a shock. It lead me on to read the actual book and I agree, it's a great book but I would not want to analyse it. Some things are better left to appreciate in our own way.
  11. I think Shakespeare's use of language is really extended and impressive, his use of descriptions for many things are quite intriguing. As for his actual plays, some are quite depressing such as "Macbeth", but each play of his is supported by a moral of some sort. Therefore despite the fact that it is harder to understand, it does come with its own pleasure in reading once you understand it a little more.
  12. Mary Frye's "Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep", it's such a sweet poem that really touches on those who have had loved ones move on. Definitely recommended to have a look at
  13. In Australia, you have to buy your books either first hand or second hand. Students also exchange books between themselves as well as sell their old books to others. I know that in private schools, first hand schoolbooks for the whole year can be around $700, which is pretty expensive! That's why many people decide to find their books second hand or borrowed from the library.
  14. I guess it depends in each subject. For math, I definitely hand write the problems and solve them by hand. It requires active thinking and action. However, for subjects such as history or science, I use my laptop to take notes as using 'onenote' helps me keep the details and facts organised, helping me memorise them better. In english I annotate the book we are studying and add in stickynotes where required. I don't highlight them as it confuses me but annotating definitely helps!
  15. It's a requirement for our school to use laptops and I've found them very convenient! Having programs such as 'onenote' helps keeps my files and documents organised, allowing room for better study habits and routines. Since all your work is stored on one computer, it's easier to locate and use instead of having to run around looking for them. Although it does become a distraction at times, self-control is necassary if you're really serious about doing well. Relaxing at times is fine and beneficial, but if the computer is used for work - then use it for work.
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