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  1. My main problem is in picking a topic and I would really appreciate your help with the following queries: 1. How do you pick a topic? 2. When you do pick a topic, which form or research is preferred? Primary or Secondary? thank you so much
  2. Your guide is so helpful, thank you so much Are there any other authors you would recommend? I chose Albert Camus, but his work is analysed enough already. Thanks again
  3. Hey So my topic is " Examining the elements of tragedy in Jean Anouilh's version of Antigone." Please feel free to express your views, be it good or bad. Thank you
  4. As far as I know, Psych core topics should be more or less covered in one year i.e. Biological, Cognitive and Sociocultural. Year 2 should focus on the options(Eg: Health and Abnormal) and the assessments, and after the 1st semester of 2nd year should be revision time and well, whatever you feel will make you fully prepared for the exam As far as self studying is concerned, do whatever you need to to grasp the ideas. Colours, pictures, drawing, singing?! Anything that helps And psychology is pretty interesting so I'm sure you won't have any problems self studying as per your preference
  5. What do you think are the elements of tragedy in Jean Anouilh's version of Antigone?
  6. Paul Hoang is amazing, all your concepts get cleared up. I suggest you at least read Paul Hoang once and then move on to the pink book
  7. If you love reading and analysing, go for HL. You have to do 2 World Lits instead of one, read more books and just write better
  8. The coordinator at my school, my friend's school, and the representatives of universities from UK, USA and Canada have suggested Physics, Chemistry and Math as a must. However, you can take Chemistry at SL, but the ratio of students getting a 7 in Chemistry HL is higher than the ones getting it at SL. I suggest you go for PCM HL, Economics, English and a second language at SL.
  9. If you don't know how to use it or you're confused, just Google or Youtube the model of your GDC and the answer to all your problems should be there
  10. I suggest you pick a topic where you can conduct your own research. I've heard from my seniors as well as my psychology teacher that IBO gives a preference to students who conduct their own research, and prove their hypothesis. Your RQ seems good but try altering it in a way so you have your 20 sources and plus 1 source which is your own research. Best of luck
  11. Is it effective from 2013 exams? or applied for batches 2013 onwards?
  12. The syllabus difference between SL and studies is huge. I've seen my classmates with studies and they don't have that much work to do, and if you put in effort im sure you can manage SL, and if you take studies make sure you get a 6 at least. If you still struggle with SL, just compensate in your other subjects Hope I helped, best of luck!
  13. You did the right thing by choosing Math SL, I'm applying for Business as well, and universities want a 5 in math SL. They hardly accept Math Studies students according to my school counselor. Otherwise I would have gone with Math Studies Best of luck!
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