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  1. what the heck was the Internet one about? Did y'all learn about that in class???
  2. Hi! I'm a senior and they didn't offer IB Music at my school nor was AP music theory offered. how do you suggest i prepare myself this summer before i begin as a freshman studying music education? btw: I studied piano for 3 years, have taken voice lessons for 4, and studied some music theory with my piano teacher, 12th grade level only.
  3. i totally agree. and this idea is just beyond me. i can't understand it! i used to be really uptight about studying everywhere i went and everywhere i go but i find it more effective if you just set aside time to really study intensely and then go relax, not thinking about school at all during that relaxation period.
  4. 1-2 for short answer and 3-5 for long. so paper 2: 3-5 pages per question paper 3 (HL): 1-2 pages per question
  5. does anybody know any really help sites or any notes on the arab-israeli conflict? because i remember absolutely nothing about it because we had to learn it on our own. I'm desperate; please help me
  6. actually no, scratch that principle. the Zimbardo prison study can support the principle that "Because humans are social animals, they have a social self." sorry.
  7. So do you mean it can be used along with the social identity theory? E.g. prison guards improve their self esteem by in-group acheivements and by comparing themselves with the prisoners (out-group) etc.? No...I'm not talking about theories under the soc LOA, I'm talking about if the question is asking you to support a soc LOA principle, you could use Zimbardo's study to support the principle that "Human beings have a need to belong." this principle could also be supported by the social identity theory.
  8. or the question "Explain how principles that define the sociocultural level of analysis may be demonstrated in research through theories or studies," which might be the question that appears in Section B, worth I think either 20 or 22 marks
  9. You can use it to support the principle that "Human beings are social animals and have a need to belong" if the question asks "Outline principles of the sociocultural perspective"
  10. Sorry but I don't really think you're going to be able to do a good job with that motif if you're using Death of a Salesman. Great motif but wrong play.
  11. Yes, it will count for Creativity, but I suggest that if you are serious about learning piano, you should ABSOLUTELY find a piano teacher, otherwise you will learn techniques incorrectly. Cycling should count for Action, but if you are just going to the same place every time, it doesn't count for CAS. CAS is setting a goal for yourself, so in this case, you could cycle faster and faster each time or something like that. for the purpose of becoming more fit, you could say under the part where it asks "how does this benefit people, etc"
  12. Well I don't understand why you would even choose to do that because the only area of knowledge it's worried about is the arts; it doesn't ask about any other AOK so you don't even need to talk about natural sciences. just focus on the arts. it would be pretty difficult to tie theater into the sciences, so i suggest that you brainstorm something else...
  13. My advice to you is this: KNOW WHO YOUR TEACHERS ARE. Do some background investigation. I'M SERIOUS. If you hear students saying that the teachers SUCK in that subject, DON'T TAKE IT unless you REALLY love the subject and are willing to work hard for it. Take the courses with the best teachers and it will be easier for you. Let me tell you what happened to me: I LOVE chemistry and I took the SL. Ended up getting a 6, but that was not because of the teacher; it was because I studied the Course Companion like crazy. I was attached at the hip to that book and I spend TOO MANY all-nighters studyi
  14. What you have to do for English A1 HL: - World Literature Paper 1 - World Literature Paper 2 - 15 minute Oral Presentation - 15 minute Oral Commentary (recorded and sent off to IB) - Paper 1: unseen commentary - Paper 2: whatever your school does (mine does Drama) What you have to do for Psychology HL: - Internal Assessment, a 1500 word paper of your experiment - Papers 1, 2, 3 Psychology HL is easier, in my opinion.
  15. How in the world did you do THAT? I'm doing mine in music as well and I'm encountering the problem of arguing how music can be a lie. What was your thesis?
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