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  1. I live in Canada, so I've travelled to almost all the provinces, but none of the territories. I've been many places in the states including New Orleans, Alabama, and Hawaii. I've been the the Bahamas, and to Bermuda. I want to visit Australia so bad! I also want to go to England, mainly because I love english accents.
  2. I don't really agree that my IB friends are cliquy. It's to be expected that we hang out since we share ALL of our classes together, but honestly? Most everyone doesn't have time for a social life anyway! Plus I'm very sporty, so I have lots of friends that are involved in sports and I hang out with that crowd. It could be the fact that I go to a large high school (1600+ students in grades 10, 11 and 12, I live in Canada so there is no 'freshman' thing.) That may also be a factor. But I don't think we are "cliquy" we are just good friends! I am also very involved with my youth group at church
  3. Hmm, sparkly vampires and oversized dogs or flying broomsticks and magic and spells? HARRY POTTER. Also, I think that Hermione is a much better role model than Bella. She is much, much stronger. All Bella can do is fall in love and try to commit suicide to hear her lover's voice. Hermione is smart, strong and independent. HP
  4. When our teacher told us what Watership down was about - "Bunnies that fight each other and can see the future" we were all skeptical, to say the least! However, his description was not very accurate and we all loved it! We are currently studying Macbeth and I am really enjoying it as well.
  5. One of the first poems we studied that I really liked writing about was Fable by Janos Pilinszky. Also, we did an entire unit on Sylvia Plath and I wrote an essay about her poem "Elm". That was fun as well. And don't worry, I'm an english nerd too!
  6. I'm looking forward to sleeping! If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
  7. That's a really interesting and different topic, what motivated you do that one? Was it common in your class to deviate from politicians/monarchs, etc. ? In my IB classes, History is probably one of my weaker courses, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I know next to nothing about history. I don't find it that interesting, and I have a horrible memory for dates and figures! Don't get me wrong, I love the maths and sciences, and I love writing critical essays about Shakespeare and Plath. However I can't motivate myself to research a topic (that I consider boring) or one that I know nothing abou
  8. I helped coach a volleyball team (which is action + service) and I also coach keepers for my local soccer club. (action+service.) Other than coaching, I am a part of a team that leads a youth retreat in the fall and spring, and there are intensive meetings for that which give me a lot of hours!
  9. I looooove Aladdin. Pretty sure I have an itty bitty cartoon crush on him... Also, I love love love Mulan and Pocahontas. Just because the female characters are somewhat stronger than those in say, CInderella. Ick.
  10. I will definitely scream - that's a given! I'll probably plan an IB note burning session at my house, complete with a bonfire! Haha, after that I think a movie marathon with a bung of girlfriends will do the trick. Ones that don't involve thinking. Oh, and lots of junk food. You have to celebrate! After that, I'll probably sleep for a week. Then get a job and work all summer to pay for university.
  11. I am the oposite of you, I am a native English and French speaker, and I am currently taking Spanish as my language. Since I am fluent in French, the spanish comes easy to me. The next language I would like to tackle would probably be Italian or Portuguese! It's probably not as useful, but would come easier to me since I know French and have a background in spanish. After that, I would love to learn Dutch or German. I think those two, especially German, would be helpful when dealing with international economics.
  12. I think it's really important to study a topic that you're interested in, or else you won't be motivated to do it. At least, that's how it is for me! I'm doing something along the lines of "To what extent did Coco Chanel contribute to the Women's Rights movement of the 19th century?" I'm still playing around with it, so it might not stay exactly as is. All in all, I think it's important you choose something you enjoy!
  13. My school is great for this, the head librarian has a huge bulletin board that all the teachers are supposed to pay attention to, since all upcoming unit exams and papers are to be posted. They also send emails around quite often, so it's rare we have more than 2 major tests/essays due the same day. It is so nice. I do find it hard on some days to have time with friends, being up until midnight is the norm for me being able to finish schoolwork. I also have a 75 minute "flex" block halfway in the day I can use for homework, which is also extremely beneficial. I'd say that with my school's form
  14. Wow, my school was just made an IB school this past fall. We don't have anything set up yet since we are the first to be going through the programme. Although, I have seen quite a few amazing ideas to suggest to the CAS coordinators. Mainly what I have been doing has been on my own. I coached a volleyball team for a season, am a member of my youth group's "CORE" team, which means we plan out the activities for the younger kids Sunday night. I also ref football *soccer* and I help coach the keepers since I am one myself. I also plan to me a member of my school's yearbook committee and grad coun
  15. Here is a website I came across with an entire list of primary and secondary sources. Not sure if it will be much help, but here it is! http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~tpilsch/Vietnam.html Also, a trick I use is I go to the wikipedia article, and scroll all the way down to the bottom where it will tell you all the works cited for the article, and there are usually quite a few! For instance, under the wikipedia article "Vietnam War" under the heading "References" there are many links or books you could check out. Plus, there is a whole section of external links that usually aid me with my work Hope
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