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  1. Hi. Mention the theme of your work for sure. See if you can make a mind-map of the theme at the beginning and just brainstorm your ideas, whether or not they relate. Then you can keep referring to these base ideas in the future if you are stuck at any point. The good thing about having a theme is that you can always incorporate it somehow into your work. Also, this way when the examiner looks at your work, he/she will be able to see the links and connections throughout your work which is a really good thing. Mention the theme at the start and explain that you would like to branch out and deve
  2. Coco8

    Art Catching Up!

    thanks for the links. i will include them in my sketchbook!
  3. Coco8

    Art Catching Up!

    I have some ideas for movement - eg i have loads of photographs from a trip to nyc, so i might be using those in some way. and i also want to look into parkour as a form of movement. stuff like that. and yes, i have reached sketcher's block! thanks again
  4. I have already handed in my proposal for my ee in economics, however it wasnt very clear. I want to do my ee on "why a country would want to host the olympics?" so stuff like benefits, costs, looking at previous statistics. I was wondering: should i base it on the beijing olympics or the london olympics. the main thing i am worried about is how i will get my research. any ideas appreciated! and any advice or ideas on the question itself will be great!
  5. Thanks. Do you know of anything else I would have to do during my IB years if I would like to apply to US unis? Stuff like SATS and other things?
  6. Coco8

    Art Catching Up!

    I don't mind sketching, but the thing for me is "what do i sketch". I get caught up in stuff like that instead of the main thing. oh and I cant view the pdf for some reason. it says i don't have permission to view the attachment.
  7. Coco8

    Art Catching Up!

    Thanks so much The theme we were given from September 2011 was 'movement'. Along with observational drawings, we had to do pages on artists like Picasso, Matisse and Degas but I'm not really interested in stuff like that so I haven't done that work. I like looking at graphic design and ICT and I love working on the computer. I think it will take some time for me to start not being a perfectionist. But I really need to start being more creative and just being 'free' with my art, cause I bother too much with pointless stuff. I'm not sure how that's going to happen but I hope it does. Thanks GC
  8. Yes. I would love to see the exhibition Could you link it please? Thanks
  9. So basically if you do the IB and you take the subjects you want to study in university at HL , then you don't have to take the AP classes right?
  10. I didn't take art as a subject in GCSE but I did take Graphics and ICT. I've always been interested in technology, and because I want to study Graphic Design in university, I decided to take art as an IB subject. However, the problem now is that I find it difficult to be creative and come up with ideas for even the simplest things like the page layout. Also, I am the only person in my class who has not taken GCSE art and so I feel quite intimidated and can never work in the class. I am falling back and I really want to catch up and do the best possible. Also, one more thing.... I am a perfect
  11. Economics isn't not offered as a SAT subject. So if I wanted to study economics in a US uni, would the AP for economics be necessary?
  12. So, I'm in IB1 at the moment and I need to know when I should start my AP Classes. What exactly are they for? Is it necessary to do it if you want to apply to to the US? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the ideas Emily. I will do a bit more research and will speak with my teachers as well. If I have any more questions I will get back here! Thanks
  14. Thanks for the link! It was useful to get a look at all the essays I have already gone over the EE guide, and I know that it has to be in visual arts. But I am having difficulty in deciding a topic in graphics, like typography, illustration and all that. I am also quite interested in ITGS, so that might be an option. But right now I am really really confused and have no idea what to do it on
  15. Hi everyone, I want to do my extended essay on something in Graphic Design but I'm not very sure of what exactly I want to do. Anyone have any ideas or if you have done something similar, what did you do it on? Thanks
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