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  1. In addition to this the key thing is that the processes are relevant for example a regression line would not be appropriate if there is a poor correlation.
  2. try using Geogebra, it is free to download and automatically plots complex numbers on the argand diagram. I found that I was able to construct the diagrams and measure the distances for n=3,4 and 5 in about 20 minutes. However, measuring the distances is a good start but calculating them leads more easily into proof.
  3. Are you sure it was logarithmic and not logistic, a,b, and c are the parameters.
  4. The introduction should be an outline of the task, explained to the reader as if they do not have access to the task description, you should also include a definition of your variables. Apologies I didn't really understand your note on the table but I would suggest that you treat the table like tabulating a sequence where you vary n and get the result for un
  5. Your GDC will produce a logistic regression, see earlier posts. Well done for finishing though
  6. look at the 2nd differences in the sequence.
  7. provided you explain why you have chosen a polynomial and what consider what degree to use? Alternatives could be trigonometric, exponential etc....
  8. analytically develop means using a mathematical method, try selecting a few points and setting up simultaneous equations for parameters, obviously if you have a number of parameters you will need a number of simultaneous equations. A good way to solve a set of simultaneous equations is with matrices.
  9. For limitations you should think about where your model does not correspond with reality or alternatively think about what your model predicts will happen for very large or very small forces Hi, I know this was a while ago, and I'm a physics student doing this Math IA. I agree with your statement that there's a constant g-force around of 9.81 m^-2. Would you recommend me on putting that in my portfolio? I'm scared of making my portfolio too much on physics instead of investigating the math... thank you for your help! This is a discussion for limitations as it is not reasonable to expect huma
  10. you can use a discussion of transformations to refine your model and maybe 'measure'how well the model fits
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