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  1. I have talked to my supervisor. He said that he had never heard of logs of complex numbers in 20 odd years so it was good topic. He said we'll have to sit down and narrow it down and find a suitable research question. About calculus, we've not done it yet so I wouldn't really know if I like it or not.
  2. Looks like this is confirmed. Doing my extended on Logs of Complex Numbers. Not sure about research question and the specifics but will come back here and bug you guys about it.
  3. Do you/anyone have examples of Math EE which got A's/B's? If so, would you guys mind PM'ing me em? Logs of Complex numbers sounds interesting though
  4. Problem is we haven't done matrices in school and I dont know when we gonna do them
  5. So I've made my mind up more or less on doing a Math HL EE. But can't think of any specific topic. I have a bunch of topics however and if someone could suggest how to go on from here it would be pretty good ^^. So topics I thought about were Complex Numbers Logs Counting Cards
  6. I had already gotten there. Several of them links seem outdated and are only for national students
  7. Does anyone know of chess-related scholarships in UK, Oz land or the US? I've found one at UT-Austin but Im not sure about 2013-2014 year. Thanks in advance
  8. Depends from day to day. But sometime between 7:15-9:30. When do you come home?
  9. Who? How much work do you have due in the next week?
  10. I spent a good 15 minutes on the Sydney site I swear! Either way thank you :-)
  11. The Universities I looked at: University of Sydney University of Melbourne WASEBA University of Texas Dallas Im either blind or handicapped. Or both if its just blatantly there
  12. So I've started to do some research on universities in different parts of the globe I want to apply for. While the universities list other information like fees, courses, information about workshops etc. However they don't have the backbone for a future student, the entry requirements. Any tips on how to find these for various universities?
  13. Is it only me or when writing commentaries it's really hard to get to 750 words or really hard to keep it under 750 words? As in once I start writing I cant stop
  14. Guess it makes it hard to decide when Ive not chosen the course I want to apply for. Im in a dilemma, either decide which course to take in Uni. and drop either Chem/Econ and potentially regret it or continue labouring through with 4 HL.. Oh IB I hate you
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