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  1. I got 43, so are you saying I shouldn't because of that? I mean, I'd love a 44 See that's the thing, when I found out I got so low I honestly started doubting its quality, that's why I'm wondering if anyone's actually heard of TOK remarks differing from the original marks by a huge margin? And I'd love a 45 :] But in the end, these marks don't really matter much, if you've already qualified for your program and any IB scholarships. A 43 is still pretty amazing and you should be proud.
  2. What was your overall score? If it was 40+, don't bother. Honestly, if other teachers thought it deserved an A, you should go for it. you should read it again once more to see if it is that good. Another good thing to do would be to compare to other A level ToK essays. ToK really is that one course where the marks change drastically based on the teacher. I think you should go for it (you seem to be good in your presentation, so I don't doubt your skills).
  3. Granted, but you'd morph into a bird. I wish I could play the piano well.
  4. Took English HL A1 and wrote my essay in it. Got an A. Not sure if it deserved an A. LOL How does Rana Dasgupta use literary techniques to portray Ulrich’s journey towards self-realization in Solo?
  5. HL Chemistry wins. I had an amazing teacher (not to mention the subject itself was pretty awesome) which helped a lot. It's definitely my favorite subject, and now I'm in Chemical Engineering! Personally, I dislike Bio because of it's rote memorization. In Chemistry, you get to piece together the answer. Every question is a jigsaw puzzle. Also, you should choose based on what you like, not your "higher mark". Hope I helped!
  6. Well, I haven't looked closely at these books, but I hope I can give you a few tips on doing your EE in English. I got an A in mine, so if my question is any help: How does Rana Dasgupta use literary techniques to portray Ulrich’s journey towards self-realization in Solo? Sadly, I don't know my component grades so this question might have gotten a 0/2. In your second question, I suggest substituting the term mono no aware for some sort of English translation. It is of course an English essay and the examiner should have a general idea of what your essay is about from the questions itself with
  7. I never thought I'd get above 40! But the IB gods have smiled upon me and I got a 44! HL English 7 HL Chemistry 7 HL Anthro 7 SL Bio 7 SL Math 7 SL French 6 English EE - Self actualization in Rana Dasgupta's Solo - A ToK EE - knowledge vs understanding - B 45 - 1 = 44! Damn you French. :>
  8. The part where you had to draw the line, the slope is less right? But it should still have the same y intercept.
  9. Hi guys, I'm unsure as to whether we can use a french-to-french dictionary in the IB exam for French B SL? If so, is it just paper 1, paper 2 or both? I can't seem to find anything that gives me any indication. Thanks
  10. It was really tricky for paper 2. I found paper 1 very easy, but made lots of silly mistakes all over question 6/7 on paper 2.
  11. Hey! This is HL bio only right? I haven't seen the four structures in the SL topics.
  12. Not sure if my post will apply now in this argument that's formed, but my English A EE topic was: How does Rana Dasgupta use literary techniques to portray Ulrich’s journey towards self-realization in Solo? Not entirely 'detailed' (past EEs at my school had titles that were 3 or 4 lines long) but I thought it'd do. Let's see how the IB likes it. q.q
  13. Yeah Brave New World and 1984 is apparently a good comparison and been done. Thanks for the luck; I'm sure I'll need it.
  14. I was searching up random books for my English EE (still no clue on what to choose; the cycle of like/dislike keeps repeating) and I found dystopian novels actually very interesting. I'm worried that they're overused however; it seems very easy to do an EE on them. In addition, an examiner's report (http://extendedessays.wikispaces.com/file/view/English+A1+EE+Examiner+Report+M11.pdf) pointed out dystopian novels as a "familiar path". Is the core of the matter that I just have to find an imaginative topic? Or should I avoid these novels entirely? The Giver sounds good but I'm pretty sure many
  15. I love English and I've decided to do my EE in it but the vast majority of books makes it pretty hard to choose. I'm only doing 1 book (so not a comparative). Do you guys have any suggestions for books? My supervisor is pushing me to choose a book. I've read Invisible Man, Oliver Twist and currently I'm foraying into Oscar and Lucinda, Mefisto and The Road. None of these books have managed to grab me!
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